Saturday, November 11, 2017


National capital and other parts of northern States were witnessing foggy morning since  last few days. Yes thats 'fog', but due to high pollution levels and mixing of toxics gases in fog it is been stated as 'smog' and it was so  alarming that doctors in delhi said its 'Health emergency'. Looking ahead, A Western disturbance(WD) is seen approaching our region which will be moderately active in nature along with a cyclonic circulation likely to induce over central Pakistan moving NW Raj along with WD. Light rains may occur over J&k by night of 13 Nov. Intensity and spread of rains will increase by the evening of 14 nov when Many parts of J&k, Himchal pradesh, Uttrakhand will receive light to moderate rains and snow over higher reaches, Skies in Delhi NCR, Haryana,NW Raj and NW UP will start becoming cloudy and isolated light rains may occur in parts of Punjab. Precipitation intensity will be on peak on 15 Nov over both hills and plains of north india, parts of Haryana & Delhi NCR may receive light rains or drizzles on 15 nov. Intensity of rains may decrease by the 16 nov as WD will start clearingup from the region but isolated rains may occur over some areas. This WD will remove pollution from northern india and give way to fresh and cool NW winds due to which gradual drop in temperatures expected from 17 nov making winter onset over the above mentioned areas as various stations in plains will record below 10° minimum temperature, day temperature is also expected to dip by 3-4°c pleasing residents to bring there woolen stock out.
BY: Navdeep Dahiya
(Founder/CEO LWI)

November 11, 2017 at 06:30PM

Now, the circulation, LPA is seen over SW Bay near NE of Srilanka.

In next 72hrs, Both GFS and ECMWF models expect this LPA, low,mid-level circulation to drift North parallel to Tamilnadu coast. 
This'll mean one thing, HEAVY rain ahead for N coast Tamilnadu, Chennai and S coast Andhra before Monday noon.

This GFS rainfall chart is for Sunday... HEAVY rain ahead for N coast Tamilnadu, #Chennai , S coast Andhra.
 #SuperSunday on cards !!
Even ECMWF forecasts a #SuperSunday for #Chennai and N coast Tamilnadu !!

#Chennai - 2pm, is windy with medium high cloud cover. And RADAR is clear !
Towards 6pm it'll change !!