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At present the low-level circulation can be seen over S Bay. At 700hpa (mid-levels) there's a East-West wind shear zone seen from SE-corner arabian sea to SE Bay embedded with a circulation over S Bay. This scenario is typical of last week of May month just before the SW Monsoon pushes north into Bay and Arabian sea, During next 42hrs, this S Bay circulation is expected to come close to central-coast Tamilnadu. On Sunday, the circulation is expected is expected to push into SE-corner Arabian sea [OR] this East-west shear line may pop a fresh circulation along Kerala coast after the Tamilnadu coast circulation fizzles out. Once a circulation pops out along Kerala coast, May be on Monday. It'll be like a second Monsoon onset for S,central Kerala and for S-tip Tamilnadu. Heavy rain ahead

Today, LWD can be seen again from W Maharastra Ghats to SW Karnataka to S-tip tamilnadu. 

Before saturday morning, scattered heavy T showers for W-ghats and adjoining zones from W maharastra to SW Karnataka to W,S-tip Tamilnadu.

In 24hrs, scattered T showers for S,SE Madhyapradesh, S,central,N Chatisgarh into Odisha, S,S-central Karnataka.
More scattered T showers for N,central,W,NE and S,SE Tamilnadu during next 24hrs.

#Chennai - W,SW,NW suburbs can get a T shower before late-evening. 

Saturday morning can witness easterly winds and cloud movement.
#Bengaluru - to witness more heavy rain on today and Saturday !