Saturday, June 08, 2013

RT @shrirangsamant: @weatherofindia Rain here in Mumbai. May be more then half an hour.  Climate Little cool. (11:27pm)

#Goa today - #Monsoon !

RT @naikap: @weatherofindia Deserted roads in rain drenched Margao at peak time today June 8 #Goa #monsoon 

RT @naikap: rains lashing Margao city obscuring the view out to Arabian Sea from Monte Hill #Goa #monsoon 

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 7.00pm, Cloudy skies, pleasant 28-20C with Cool breeze., a pic of twlight in the Sky.. 

Bangalore yesterday (7-Jun-2013) at around 2:45pm...

Bangalore - 5:51pm, "its almost about to rain. All happened within few mins !!!" .. 

RT @cavrags: @weatherofindia. Raining in secunderabad (6:10pm)

#Chennai - 6pm, almost NO sea breeze so far. No sign of rain today.
On, 10/11-Jun, the Monsoon is expected to push into Bengal and some parts of Bihar ...

#Monsoon expected for #Kolkata on 10 / 11-Jun

During next 2 days, T.showers expected for N,N-W,central,E.Maharastra, central,S,E.Gujarat and S,W.Madhyapradesh..

For next 2 days, T.showers expected for S.Chatisgarh, scattered over Odisha and over N,N-E.Andhra...

From Monday, increase in rainfall expected for most of E.India (Chatisgarh, Jharkand, Bengal & Bihar) ...

Scattered heavy rain to continue for most zones over N-E states of India during next 3 days !

Less showers expected for interior of S.Peninsula and S-E Peninsula during next 2 or 3 days...

.. but evening showers or T.Shower expected for #Chennai, N-E.Tamilnadu and S.Andhra coast during next 3 days.

Showers expected to push from E.India from 11-Jun, expected to shower over E,central Uttarpradesh, E.Madhyapradesh, N.Chatisgarh on 11-Jun

On 12-Jun, more rain expected for entire Central India and into Central,W.Uttarpradesh and into #Delhi, Uttarakand..

@parshwati >> #Delhi - T.showers expected from evening of 12-Jun to 16-Jun.. and more!

#HOT conditions to continue for N.Gujarat, most of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, #Delhi, N,N-W.Madhyapradesh, W.UP for next 3 days.

RT @naikap: @weatherofindia heavy downpour with strong winds since 4.30pm after overcast day at Margao #Goa Feels truly like #monsoon 

#Mumbai #Monsoon - "Super Sunday" expected !

Today, the offshore trough is seen from central coast Maharastra to N,central Kerala coast ... 

During next 3 days, the Pressure along the offshore trough is expected to deepen and get perfect from N.Maharastra coast to N.Kerala coast.

In next 3 days, the Heat Low from N-W India to E.India is expected to deepen to 992mb pressure!

The eastern end of trough from N-W India to E.India is expected to drift South and this'll prompt a circulation along Odisha coast on 10-Jun

On 10/11-Jun, the Monsoon will start to push into Bengal and Bihar... 

Today, the weak low level circulation persist along N.Maharastra coast ... 

A mid level circulation seen along central Maharastra coast in the trough ... 

In next 24 to 48hrs, both low and mid level circulation along Maharastra coast is expected to drift N-W and persist along W.Gujarat coast.

#Monsoon is expected to push into #Mumbai in another 18 hrs ... it is going to be a "Super Sunday" ... 

Monsoon is expected to push into S,S-E.Gujarat on 10-Jun, Monday .!

Heavy and wide spread #Monsoon showers expected ALL along S-W,W.Coast of India from today till 14-Jun and beyond !!
RT @aash_tvm: After a short break, again it is raining.... #Trivandrum #kerala #monsoon #Malayalam @weatherofindia (10:55am)

Nagercoil (S.tip of Tamilnadu) - Heavy and intermittent monsoon showers from early hrs today till now 1:50pm.

Till today morning, Monsoon has pushed into most of N-E states India ... 

RT @jayaprakashpv: Heavy rain from 11am still continues at Edappal #malappuram, #thrissur #palakkad border #kerala 

1:30pm, #Monsoon very active over most of Kerala, S.tip of Tamilnadu. Active along Karnataka, Goa, S.Maharastra coast 

1:30pm, Showers seen over S,S-E.Bengal, S,central zones of N-E states.

1:30pm, Fresh T.Showers over N.Andhra, E,N.Maharastra and into S.Madhyapradesh ...