Thursday, November 22, 2012

Southern Region 3 days forecast: The Easterly wave, with an UAC embedded in it has now started pushing inland, taking the Tamil Nadu route. It will penetrate rather quickly into interior TN and precipitate modertate rainfall in the state. Effects of the UAC moving in, and dissipating, will also be felt in N.I. and S.I. Karnataka, including Bangalore, from Friday.
Hyderabad can recieve light showers on Friday. Rainfall "spill over" effect may be felt in Goa and adjoining extreme South Maharashtra on Saturday.
 More regions forecast read vagaries.

"03B" - kind of cyclone system in Nov-1992

The tropical disturbance ,that became TC09B was fwst identified on the 011800Z November
Significant Tropical Weather Ad~isory by JTWC as a broad area of convection in the Bay of Bengal.
As the tropical disturbance tracked north-northwestward, its convection increased in amount and organization.

JTWC issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert at 0221002, and the first warning at
0300002. Intensification continued until the tropical cyclone stalled on 5 November. With increasing
wind sheer aloft over the cyclone, a weakening trend set in on 6 November which continued until
TC09B dissipated over water two days later. The final warning was issued by JTWC at 0718002.

1999 - Orissa Super Cyclone

29-Oct-1999, Cyclone "05B" - Orissa Super Cyclone
History ... 
1. The storm surge was 26 feet (8 meters) struck the coast of Orissa, traveling up to 20 km inland
2. 17,110 km² of crops were destroyed
3. Approximately 275,000 homes were destroyed
4. A total of 9,803 people officially died from the storm, with 40 others still missing
5. The number of livestock that perished in the cyclone amounted to 406,000

For more visit ...
1999 - Orissa Super Cyclone
1999: Super-cyclone wreaks havoc in India

Diary of the super cyclone in Orissa


"03B" - Moving inland as a low level circulation.

Confirmed - "03B" - Moving inland as a strong low level circulation. 
6pm, Heavy rain seen along W,S-W and W-N-W of Chennai.
More showers expected over S.Andhra, Chennai and N.coast Tamilnadu during next 24hrs.

4pm, Heavy rain seen just E-N-E of #Chennai , moving towards coast, Isolated rain also over S.Kerala, central Tamilnadu 
RT @js_miranda: @weatherofindia heavy rain now in Ramapuram and Porur, #chennai  (4:21pm)

#chennai - 4:35pm, Pallavaram zone just had a good sharp shower for around 10 min.
#chennai - Strong showers seen over S.Andhra around 70km N-N-W from city, Heavy rain approaching coast from N-E.. 
RT @saisowsen: @weatherofindia There was drizzle at #Pallikaranai, #Chennai (3:08pm)
Today a strong Anti-Cyclone has established over central Maharastra .. and this is expected to persist even beyond 27-Nov.

Anti-cyclone over Maharastra will push strong winds into S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu... this'll reduce the easterlies effect in these zones.

This is the Anti-cyclone and How it'll push winds into S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu thereby pushing Easterlies to South..

If the Central Maharastra Anti-cyclone persists beyond 27-Nov.. then it'll have an affect on upcoming S-E Bay circulation as well !
1pm, W.D is in effect over Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakand.. Cloudy over N.Punjab and N.Haryana..

The present W.D will give Rain / Snow for Kashmir & Himachal till 24/25-Nov.

Next strong W.D is expected to reach Kashmir on evening of 26-Nov.!

"03B" - Alive as a strong circulation and drifted S-S-W

"03B" - Alive as a strong circulation along Chennai coast (over sea) and has drifted S-S-W.
The system is expected to drift even more to S-S-W and enter inland thru N.Tamilnadu coast between Pondicherry and Chennai in another 12 hrs.
The present Anti-cyclone over central Maharastra is pushing the system even more S-W / South.

1pm, Satellite IR shows that still most of convective activity is over sea and nearer to land.
Still scattered Heavy rains forecast for S.Andhra coast, Chennai and N,central Tamilnadu coast during next 2 days.
This system is followed by a weak easterlies.. which will affect the N,central Tamilnadu coast till 25/26-Nov.
Most importantly a fresh circulation is expected over S-E corner Bay on 26-Nov.

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.50am, Overcast Sky, patches of dense clouds, appears slight drizzle possible. 

RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofIndia Drizzles in T-Nagar, Chennai at 5.45AM, outcast sky...Looks more rain coming

RT @grajagrajagraja: @weatherofindia raining in kolatur, Chennai . 6:11am

RT @maddysutrave: @weatherofindia 05.30 am onwards. Heavy and steady rains in mogappair, Chennai .. Still on