Monday, December 16, 2013

A weak W.D system is expected to affect Kashmir from tomorrow morning/noon ... scattered rain / snow expected till Wednesday evening.
Today, a weak low level circulation is seen over S-W Bay just S-E of Srilanka ... and this is keeping S-W Bay active 
7pm, The S-W Bay circulation is throwing heavy rain over Srilanka and pushing light rain into S,S-E Tamilnadu .. 

During next 2 days, the present S-W Bay circulation is expected to weaken, drift S-W and vanish.
In next 48hrs, scattered drizzles, light/moderate rain will continue to pop over S,S-E Tamilnadu.
During next 3 days, rest of Tamilnadu is expected to be DRY days with COLD nights, early morning.
Frost warning for Nilgiris !

A moderate easterlies is expected to push into S-E Bay after 22-Dec ... this might pop a circulation over S,S-S-E Bay on 25-Dec. !!

Deficient rainfall for Tamilnadu, Karnataka, S Andhra from 1-Oct to 11-Dec ... Bad times ahead for Tamilnadu .. 

COLD Monday morning.

#Chennai - COLD morning, IWM station at Poilichalur = 18.7 °C at 6:35am.
Airport = 18.5 C
Nungambakkam = 19.3 C

COLD N,central Tamilnadu today morning, Adiramapatnam = 18.4 C, Tiruchy = 18.1 C, Dharmapuri = 14.5 C, Tirupattur = 14.4 C, Vellore = 16.6 C

RT @meet_abhijit:  Badlapur cold with dew formation on sliding windows and current temp 12.8c at 7.10am today. 

Today morning, FOG experienced over Punjab, Delhi, Uttarpradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.

COLD Lucknow again.. today records 5.2 C ( 3 deg C below normal)

Other COLD cities of N,N-central India... Jodhpur = 9 C, Ludhiana = 5 C, Hissar = 6 C.

Kolkata :- Dumdum and Alipur min and max TEMP CHART from 1st dec to 16th dec 2013

Chennai - 6:41am, temperature now is 18.7 C