Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#Chennai - #HOT today, recorded 39.5 C. Expected to continue till 22-Jun, with a chance of evening sharp shower or drizzles at some places.
An upper level circulation seen over W.Nepal and its trough seen upto N-E.Madhyapradesh !

This upper level circulation and trough will move E-S-E and vanish in next 18hrs

This'll cause more rain into Bengal, Jharkand, chatisgarh and Odisha during next 18hrs... 

During next 24hrs, rain possible over central Maharastra and N,N-E Andhra.

During next 3 days, less rain expected for Maharastra coast, #Mumbai. scattered rain to continue for S,S-E Gujarat coast.

On 21,22,23-Jun, Less or NO rain for N,N-W,central and East India (upto Bengal).

Rain for Karnataka coast and N.Kerala is expected to be heavy for next 3 days !

N,N-W.Bay is expected to drop another #Monsoon Low or circulation on 23-Jun... 

Present mid level circulation over N.Arabian sea just S-W from Gujarat coast is expected to persist for another 3 days.
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 7.00pm, Partially cloudy skies windy & pleasurable day.Clear sky n eve with bright sunshine 

RT @archvivekh: A sight drizzle but now its gone! #Ambattur , #Chennai @weatherofindia (9:04pm)

10:30pm, Rain continues over Kerala and Karnataka coast, Less rain seen along Maharastra coast.. 

10:30pm, T.showers seen over central Maharastra, HEAVY rain over S.Odisha and low intensity rain over S.Bengal..
The Sub_Continent Expectations from Thursday 20th June till Sunday 23rd June:

1. An UAC forming around the Andaman Islands in the Bay will travel NW. Will, mostly, descend to sea level on Sunday 23rd, and BB-4 will be off the Orissa coast.
Another UAC forms off the TN coast, but merges in the trough (formed by the UAC) in the Bay.

2.The west coast trough will persist as a weak trough.The Northern end of the trough is supported by an Upper Air trough in the Sea. Some spill over showers in Saurashtra. 
Possibly, a vortex may form for a couple of days off the Karnataka coast on the weekend.Heavy rains ( 40-100 mms) in Coastal Karnataka (weekend). Variable (10-40 mms) rainfall along rest of west coastline. Average/Below average rainfall in interior Mah.and Karnataka.

3. A weak low forms in the Arabian Sea off the Oman Coast on Thursday 19th. It imminently moves inland. Some light rains in Eastern Oman.
The resultant SW winds into SE Sindh may bring light rains to SE Sindh region and corresponding coast. 

4.The Monsoon axis runs along the Himalayan foothills. Almost merging into Nepal on Friday.Heavy rains in Nepal. 
The extended eastern arm remains weak. Maybe just extending to Meghalaya by Saturday.Heavy rains in Northern Bangladesh and Meghalaya.
Almost dry and no meaningful rains in NW India and most of Pakistan. SWM remains stationary.
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Monsoon live: ‘My family is in Kedarnath, no news for 2 days ... 

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4:05pm, Showers seen over 40km N,N-W from #Chennai city. Most of N-E.Tamilnadu and S.Andhra coast is getting active now.
RT @gsarkar: @weatherofindia Sun appeared after so many days in Pune... sky is full of clouds though.. (12:04pm)

#HOT, 18-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 41.0°C was recorded at Bikaner (Rajasthan) 

12:30pm, Heavy rain seen along E.Uttarpradesh, Bihar, N,central Bengal and into central zones of N-E states ... 

12:30pm, Heavy rain seen along central,S.Kerala, S-E.Gujarat coast,Less rain along Maharastra coast & Karnataka coast

Varanasi - Airport has reported "Light Rain" at 1pm.

#Chennai - 1:15pm, #HOT again will Deep blue clear skies. Temperature around 36 C. Yesterday max was 39 C.

Today after 5pm, high vertical velocity expected over N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #Chennai and S.Andhra... sharp showers expected !

RT @shrirangsamant: @weatherofindia today hot and sunny day here in Mumbai.  No rain since morning. . Still we need rain ! (1:35pm)

#Chennai - 80% chance of scattered evening sharp showers for parts of city. and some zones of N-E.Tamilnadu,S.Andhra