Monday, July 23, 2012

As a result of the UAC over N-W.Maharastra & S-E.Gujarat .. heavy rains possible for next 36hrs..

From 25-Jul, showers will shift into N,N-E.Madhyapradesh, S,central Uttarpradesh due to upcoming circulation..

Heavy & widespread rains forecast for S,E,central Uttarpradesh from evening of 24-Jul till 26-Jul ..

Showers will pickup along S,central.Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast, N. Kerala coast from 25-Jul .. till then very Less rains forecast.
A fresh low level circulation expected over S-central Uttarpradesh on 25-Jul .. and move towards #Delhi..

Upcoming circulation over S.Uttarpradesh is expected to extend upto medium level heights .. >> expected to move West

Today's UAC over N-W.Maharastra is expected to die there in another 36hrs ..

N-N-W.Bay will pop another circulation on 27-Jul ... 
High vertical.V seen over S.Madhyapradesh, N.Maharastra and along S.Andhra coast .. Showers forecast tonight..

Light rain or drizzles also possible for N-E.Tamilnadu coast & #chennai before morning ..

7:30pm, Heavy rains seen over W,S-W.Madhyapradesh, N,N-W Maharastra, W,S.Bihar and W,S-E.Uttarpradesh ..