Saturday, September 19, 2009

Heavy thunder storms lashing central Tamilnadu. It's a pattern for a week now.
RT @NoliEala: Rain showers here in Chennai. Thank God. That cooled down the place. ..

Cycling expedition from Pune to Kanyakumari to promote global warming

For Gagan Grover, a software engineer with city-based C-DAC, cycling is not just a way of keeping fit but also a way to campaign against global warming. After cycling in and around the city, a long expedition to the country's southernmost tip, Kanyakumari is next on his itinerary. The 25-year-old is all set to cycle the 1,700 km distance from Pune to Kanyakumari, an expedition that will start on September 18 and will last 10 days in all. The trip has been partially sponsored by C-DAC and the Rotaract Club Shaniwarwada and partly by Grover himself.

"Though I've been cycling for a while now, it was only this year that I started long-distance expeditions, the first of them being my tour from Pune to Mumbai and back. Earlier, I would cycle to places around the city," said Grover.

The expedition to Kanyakumari also coincides with the World Car Free Day which falls on September 20. "My aim is to promote cycling, and the expedition provides me with a great chance to do just that. I started cycling as a hobby and have been actively promoting this sport for the last three years. I am also one of the founder members of a website dedicated to cycling," said Grover.

During the 10-day expedition, Grover plans to halt only during the nights and has even fitted in a couple of lectures on global warming that he plans to deliver at a couple of IT firms in Bangalore, including C-DAC. "My long distance cycling trip is also an awareness-cum-publicity program to promote cycling as a healthy and environment-friendly means of transport for everyone," added Grover.

Though he is part of a cycle group in the city, Grover will undertake the expedition by himself this time around. "It was difficult for everyone to get enough leave around the same time. This will be my second long solo cycling expedition after Mumbai, and I look forward to it."

Interestingly, the techie also cycles to work everyday. "I do not have any other vehicle nor do I use any other mode of transport. I cycle my way around the city. My aim is to establish cycling as a clean and alternative means of transport to fight environmental pollution," said Grover.

Once he returns from Kanyakumari, he has his goal set in the tricky Himalayan ranges. "I plan to take up a Pune-Himalayas tour next, though I have not decided a date yet," he added. Looking forward to the long tour that will take him through scenic spots in the south, Grover says he plans to enjoy the sights but his main aim remains to promote cycling. "I will also hand out pamphlets on the H1N1 flu provided to me by the Rotaract Club Shaniwarwada along the way."

Entire south-east and all along west coast is active with thunder showers .. .. plus South-west Bay is also active.
RT @anoopkochi: kochi is cool now......may be the coming end of monsoon is the coz of heavy shower here.....
(cont.).. this has been the trend for past 5 days
More heavy showers lining up over Kerala, south-Andhra and all along south-east Peninsula.. ..
RT @karthik: so getting drenched in rain feels good specially when you live in chennai.
Chennai - After that heavy shower now 4pm, it's cloudy with High dead cloud with mild moisture content. Rain has moved towards south-west.
Chennai - These September showers are like that of September-2005
Chennai - yesterday afternoon we were expecting this shower. Now 2:52pm raining steady from north-east (Saidapet) .. satellite picture taken at 2pm
Latest sat. pic shows good cloud formation just North of Chennai over south-coastal Andhra. And more formation east of Chennai over sea.
Chennai - It's raining now 2:30pm in Saidapet. It's a localized shower and chances are that it'll get bigger and widespread.
Still south-west Bay near Srilanka is active
Chennai - Hazy with high cloud cover morning.