Sunday, April 07, 2013

Monday 8th April, we see precipitation in Southern Sindh region, and due to the Low, we see a light "spill over" of rains into the Western most parts of Gujarat (Kutch). 
Karachi gets thundershowers with Westerly winds gusting. Sukkar can get a dust storm or thunderstorm on Monday night.
Thundershowers prevail in Southern kerala. In the NE, Shillong hills can get the thundershower.

Heat in Vidharbh and adjoining AP.
On Tuesday 9th, the precipitation moves NE into Central Sindh in North Pakistan and in India, Kashmir, Punjab, West Haryana and Northern Rajasthan. It seems that thundershowers will occur in all North Rajasthan and West Haryana and Punjab. High clouds obscure sky in Delhi NCR. 
Islamabad gets showers, alongwith cities in Central and upper Sindh, and Pakistan Punjab.
Hot and above 40c in Vidharbh region and adjoining AP.

Heat moves into Southern UP:
Wednesday,10th and A-3 moves NE and rains decrease in Pakistan. Moves into the Northern Hills of India. We see precipitation in Kashmir, HP and Punjab. 
Though cloudy weather for Haryana and Delhi NCR, i do not think any meaningful rains will occur.
In the NE , Meghalaya gets thundershowers and Kerala in the South. Thunder activity continues in West Vidharbh also.
Hot, and above 42c in Vidharbh, adjoining AP, Chattisgarh and Orissa. Above 40c region spreads to North MP and adjoining UP.
Southern UP regions may be in the heat wave grip, with temperatures over 40c.

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