Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nagercoil - 1:51pm, Heavy rains for the past 1 hr ! ... Where is Nagercoil ? http://ow.ly/hPYQi

RT @sri_at72: A very dull morning after heavy rains with thunderstorms last night #Coimbatore #GoodMorning (8:56am)

#chennai - Having a warm and humid day with some minor low cloud formations. No threat of rain today !

Showers over S,central Tamilnadu and Kerala will clear from midnight today !

12:30pm, Cloudy over most of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Heavy rain over S.tip of Tamilnadu and  more showers over S.Kerala. http://ow.ly/i/1xVaK

12:30pm, N,N-W India is cloudy due to a weak W.D system ... http://ow.ly/i/1xVaK

January 2013, which saw 5 Western Disturbances and a severe on amonst them. Would be considered a bit above normal, considering the fact that Northern Sub-Continent region normally gets 3/4 WDs in the month.
And the WDs continued in February. F-1 ,an intense system ravaged thru Pakistan in perticular wher the 2 days accumulated rainfall was more than 200 mms in the North and NW. In India too, it was intense, with several day and month records reached or broken in rainfall and snowfall. Delhi getting 46 mms in a day !
Vagaries has mentioned some details and references to this F-1 here...

In such cases, It is found that there is sharp increase in the convergence flux of kinetic energy and weak adiabatic generation of kinetic energy over the troposphere. The vertically integrated generation of kinetic energy shows destruction in the proximity of the center of low pressure area and generation take place west of it in the intense 
western disturbance.

The accumulated rains chart for the sub continent for January shows the regions having received more than 200 mms, and the anomoly chart is also clear in its depiction.