Sunday, December 28, 2014

Posted Sunday 28th Night:

BB-15 !The sysytem now as a Low at 7.7N and 84E, is around 1006 mb. Seeing the behaviour of the upper level winds, I expect this system to deepen stage wise to depression and track towards the TN coast. BB-15 is then expected, after traking along the coast, to weaken after Monday and fizzle out around 15N in the Bay.

29th December ; Heavy to Moderate Rainfall is expected : Along the North TN Coast. Chennai: Around 40-45 mms 29th Morning- 31st Morning). 
Light rains in Central TN.
30th : Heavy to Moderate Rains in Coastal AP. Moderate Rains in Coastal Odisha, TN and Kerala. Drizzles in Bangalore.

New Year EVE: 31st December: Heavy Rains in Coastal AP/Odisha. Vizag: Around 40 mms 30th morning-1st Morning). 
Moderate Rains in Interior Odisha and Parts of South Chattisgarh (Raipur: Upto 5 mms)).
Light showers in Aurangabad  , AhmednagarJalna and Western Vidarbha (Akola). (Rains in Central India due to an inland trough ). Drizzles in Bangalore.

Very Cilly Night with around freezing temperatures in Punjab/Haryana, parts of NCR and Rajasthan.  
Mumbai will be pleasant and windy in the evening. Low at Santa Cruz around 16c and 19/20c at Colaba. Partly cloudy next few days.
Goa will be partly cloudy with light showers in the night or 1st morning.
Pakistan Northern plains and Sindh to face very cold temperatures from 31st for 2/3 days. Around freezing in Sindh plains and Punjab.

New Year: 1st January 2015: Heavy Rainfall in Coastal West Bengal and adjoining Odisha. 
Moderate to light showers and hails in Marathwada (Aurangabad : Around 20 mms in 2 days. Very cold day)), West Vidarbha (Akola), North Maharashtra (Hails) (Pune/ Nasik), Interior Karnataka (Belgaum) ( Bangalore: Showers on 1st around 15 mms in some parts), Hyderabad, Parts of South Gujarat Coast (Surat: Upto 3 mms), Baroda).
Cold Wave in all of Northern regions continue and intensify from 2nd January. Gujarat and Kutch get cold from 1st January.

From vagaries

Chennai - 6:40pm, Strong drizzle now. First rain due to S-W Bay LOW "95B". More coming up around midnight, early hrs. 

6:30pm, Deep convective activity seen around S-W Bay LOW "95B" and over its Northern band ... 

Karaikal - 2pm, it's been drizzling continuously with an occasional moderate shower.

RT @Serene_Meadows: @weatherofindia Delhi all fogged out this morning. Easily the worst fog of this season. 8:22am

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 10.00am.. Foggy, chilly, lazy Sunday..cloudy skies..a pic

From morning, showers seen over Central coast Tamilnadu... Now rain slowly creeping to N coast Tamilnadu.

Chennai - 1:15pm, again a cloudy day and bit humid, warm than yesterday. Rain nearing from SE, drizzle will push in after 4pm.