Friday, January 04, 2013

#Delhi - Till 8:30am today records a Max. temp of 12.7 C and a Min. temp. of 2.7 C.

@ambaarsaria >> Amristar at 5:30pm, records a temp. of 7.8 C, This cold wave with morning FOG is expected till 7-Jan. !
Present severe COLD wave over N,N-W,central,E.India will continue till 7-Jan.

More than 100 die in historic Indian cold snap ... 

Coldest weather in decades hits India; group says 107 dead ...

Next W.D will reach N,N-W India around 8/9-Jan.. by that time the COLD wave is expected to subside !
Due to "90B", scattered moderate showers are expected over S,S-E Tamilnadu till Sunday.

6pm, Gulf Mannar is getting active and mild showers seen over S.Tamilnadu. "90B" is having heavy convective activity.. 

S-S-W Bay LOW... "90B"

Yesterday's S.Bay circulation is now marked as LOW.
Present location is 4.4N and 84.3E.
Pressure around 1008mb

3pm, Satellite IR shows moderate convective activity over its N,N-E,W quadrants.

IMD-GFS forecasts that the system will intensify into a Depression in next 2 days and slowly drift West. And it's expected to vanish over Seas south of Kanyakumari on 8-Jan

NOGAPS model suggests almosts the same scenario but it predicts LESS weakening in strength towards 8-Jan.