Sunday, December 20, 2009

About Bangalore

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On opposite side, Bangalore has recorded 2-3 degrees increase in temperature. This is due to removal of all trees, lakes and water bodies disappearance. Huge growth in population, huge buildings coming up, massive growth of city, lack of rain is making Bangalore worst city. It should be noted city ranks high on pollution as city has largest number of vehicles.

South West Monsoon -2009 is a very very interesting point to ponder

Recently When I was at Annaikatty village in Coimbatore district the local people and frinds there reported that elephants from the western side of western ghats visit Anaikatty area very often and even the intrude unto 'THADAGAM, a village at the foot hills and close to Coimbatore city. TN Foresters were warrented.
Foresters may not able to resolve it. However one Adivasi told me that it is the SW monsonnal moist wind blowing from south direction [in Tamilnadu during SW monsoon period] invites the elephants to invade eastern slope. He further told that there is nothing to do with the blockage of ELEPHANT CORRIDOR, as reported by the TN Forest officials, but it is a change in the monsoonal wind pattern, he said. it may be true.
[2] The HEAT LOW which is responsible for the SW monsoon wind to advance further into NORTH INDIA / NW India lies in a town called Jacabobath [which is in Pakistan]The traditional monsonal trough line from there to Head bay is not prominent most of the time.
[3] The western flank of Mascerene High is not extended upto 60 DEG East and it is weak [as per Met reports]
[4] The Bay is relatively active than the Arabian sea.
[5] Four or Five years back, parts of the THAR desert was flooded and water stagnated to a depth of 20 ft. This prevented land heating.

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IMD: models suggest that More rain for central & south Tamilnadu coast in next 72 hrs ..
Chennai - Rains started after a long day of good cloud formation .. Showers will be medium and short in nature.
Chennai - Believe it or Not ... Lowest December temperature on record is 13.9 C (11.12.1895)
Chennai - Today till now 6:32pm, we are having very good cloud formation.. 100% chance of rain after Midnight or into Early hrs of Monday.
Chennai - NO rain all day.. but had very good cloud formation and movement from North-east. .. also shows a cyclonic circulation over south-east Arabian sea.. which will boost the Flow of Easterlies in Bay
Latest satellite shows that the Very heavy cloud formation just along 5th parallel ..
From today the easterlies will start giving showers along entire Tamilnadu coast..
Chennai - Will be warm, humid thru the day and with Heavy cloud formation from North-east and with short showers.
Easterlies will be at its peak on Tuesday, 22-Dec-09 ..
Satellite shows heavy convective cloud formation over south and south-west Bay ..
Fringe of Easterlies is over coastal Tamilnadu now 20-Dec-09 almost a day ahead.