Friday, May 18, 2012

6:30pm, T.showers seen over S-W Bengal, Central Rajasthan, N,N-central Tamilnadu, S-W Kashmir ..
RT @binchenglu: Beautiful Kerala Monsoon Rain
chennai - now 3:23pm having good Sea breeze from E-S-E... temp. at 3:10pm was 37.0°C
Temperature at 1:30pm, Lucknow = 41.0°C, Nagpur = 45.0°C, Ahmedabad,Hyderabad, Delhi = 40.0°C
chennai - temp. at 1:40pm was 42.0°C
Only isolated T.showers possible over W.Ghats Kerala from tomorrow till 24-May.
The present W.D will be over Kashmir, Himachal and Uttarakand till 22/23-May.
Due to present W.D, showers possible for Kashmir, Himachal, W,N,central Rajasthan for next 48hrs..
Today, Vertical velocity is very high over S-central Tamilnadu .. T.showers possible for S,S-central Tamilnadu today..
On 17-May, highest maximum temperature  of  46.3°C  was recorded at  Allahabad  (Uttar
chennai - another above 41 deg C for City & Airport .. at 12:40pm it was 41.0°C (feels like 45.2°C)
By 22/23-May, S-W Monsoon will reach S.Andhaman Islands .. Pick up strength after 25-May..
As the Somali jet picks up strength around 21-May, the present Anti-cyclone over Central Arabian sea will vanish..
Today, S.Arabian sea along 5th parallel is having a weak circulation ..
Heavy cloud formation has started over S,S-W Arabian sea upto Maldives...
Cross Equatorial winds & Somali Jet are getting ready to move into Arabian sea ..
RT @aknarendranath: At 24°C, Mumbai sees coldest May night in six years via @DNA @weatherofindia