Friday, April 30, 2010

Due to thunderstorms, resulting from W.D, over many parts of the Northern/Nort-Western regions of the country,maximum temperatures have fallen by 4-8°C over parts of west Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka and by 2-3°C over parts of Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Rayalaseema. (Day temp map from Univ. of Cologne attached).The fall into the late 30s is very visible here.
The highest, 43.4c in India, was at Churu (Rajasthan) and Daltonganj.
Meanwhile, day temperatures have also dropped in Maharashtra, with Washim, recording the highest today of 42c. This fall is attributed to the light rains all over the state, as a result of a trough running from W.Bengal to the South-East Arabian Sea.

And, to the contrary, Mumbai has become worst off after a drizzle on Friday morning. S'Cruz was high at 37c, and the humidity factor was unbearable as it was partly cloudy in the day.
I do not expect this rain in Maharashtra to last beyond Saturday.

RT @abishek: its raining in chennai. this means the power supply would be off soon. a way to start the weekend! .. YES power off polichalur
Chennai - Rain rate goin down slowly now 9:50pm in Pallavaram, polichalur zone.
@brightonvino >> Where its raining? Please update ur location in chennai. Thanks
RT @prakash_chn: Rain in some parts of chennai . But not in my area :( purasaiwalkam. But it seems cloudy here..
@rajmohan86 >> Please update ur location in chennai. Thanks
RT @rajmohan86: oh yeah..!! it's drizzling in Chennai... :)
Chennai - It's raining in Pallavaram, pammal and polichalur zone... Massive lightning now!!
RT @labsji: It is raining at Nanganallur, Chennai. Yay! Yay! Smells good! cc: @weatherofindia
Chennai - After a clear evening till sunset, now 9:43pm we (South chennai) are having a sudden thunder storm.
RT @aquanav: It's raining in Chennai!!!!!!!!
RT @hashkerala: RT @Arunshah : Jst like d past few days...its raining heavily wt scary thunder nd beautiful!!
RT @devansali: heavy rain in alappuzha kerala keralaweather weatherofindia
@TapanMohanta >> Any rain in Kolkata ??
6pm, Heavy showers again over Kerala W.Ghats and along west Tamilnadu ..
6pm, Minor thunder cells visible over Gujarat..
6pm, Showers over W. Uttarpradesh, Punjab, Himachal, South Bengal and Bangladesh ..
North-south trough in lower levels now runs from west Rajasthan to southeast Arabian Sea across west Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
Maximum temperatures are above normal by 2-4°C over many parts of Northwest, Central and West India and some parts of south peninsular India .... Cloud formation over the circulation in Bay is showing No sign of dying..! .. Early morning's cloud cover along coastal Karnataka from Arabian sea still persists.
3:30pm, Thunder cells over Punjab, Orissa, S-E corner A.P (near Chennai), S-W Bengal, S. Tamilnadu, W.ghats..
RT @TapanMohanta: @weatherofindia it seems we are going to have more showers this evening in kolkata. Dark clouds everywhere.
Early monsoon may not affect kharif sowing ...
Chennai - Having clear deep blue skies and temp. touched a max of 35.5°C (11:23am)
2:30pm, Afternoon thunder again over Orissa, Kerala W. Ghats, S. Tamilnadu, E. Rajasthan..
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Wind pattern over south peninsula:: a good S-W jet stream over west and the circulation over Bay can be seen..
12:30pm, Cloud formation over the feeble low over South central Bay is getting heavier ..
@nirmaltv >> Is it raining there (mangalore) now ?? Pls update. if possible with a picture. Thanks
RT @nirmaltv: Its raining here in Mangalore early morning
@mharishankar >> Is it raining there (Mangalore) now ?? Please update. Thanks
RT @samod: Going to Mangalore tonight.. hope Pre-Monsoon rains welcome me there :-)
@actionink >> Is it raining there (Goa) now ??. pls update. If possible with pics. Thanks
Heavy showers along Goa and Karnataka coast ..
RT @actionink: Finally! Its raining here in Goa. Rain. No drizzle!! :)
Heavy Rain in Assam, India ...

Heavy Rain in Assam, India

acquired April 16, 2010

acquired April 28, 2010

In mid- to late April 2010, torrential rains and violent winds downed electric lines, damaged homes, uprooted trees, and displaced some 150,000 people in the eastern Indian state of Assam, according to news reports. The hardest-hit area was Lakhimpur District, roughly 400 kilometers east of Assam’s principal city of Guwahati.
The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured these images of the area around Guwahati, which sits along the Brahmaputra River not far from the India-Bhutan border. The top image is from April 28, 2010, and the bottom image is from April 16, 2010. Both images use a combination of infrared and visible light to increase the contrast between water and land. Vegetation appears bright green and bare ground appears pinkish tan. Clouds appear sky blue. Water varies in color from electric blue to navy. The relatively light color of the Brahmaputra’s waters on April 28 likely results from the angle of sunlight.
Expanses of standing water surround the river on April 28, and the water sits on surfaces that had been relatively dry days earlier. Tributaries to the river, both east and west of Guwahati, are swollen in the later image.
The April floods in Assam were the second cluster of floods in that state in 2010, Sify News reported. The earlier round of floods struck the state the previous month, although with less severe effects.
Monsoon Watch - 4 ...
Western Disturbance to lessen Heat,Temporarily ..
Chennai - Already 11:30pm, we have thunder cells over W-N-W and heavy formations can be seen over West and South-WEst.
Mumbai woke up to a very stuffy morning on Friday after early a morning drizzle,0.3mm at Colaba and 0.7 mm at S'Cruz. With the rcorded minimum at 28c, the day is now partly cloudy, with medium alto-cumumlus clouds. Far Northern suburb of Nala Sopara had early heavier morning rain with thunder.
Chennai - Very good cloud formation around. 80% chance of local showers possible today. That too if the formations sustain above 1pm.
Rajasthan is having a clear day today, after a cloudy day yesterday.
Chennai - South chennai got its showers from South-east, it seems more scattered showers on way after 1-May due to the circulation over Bay.
Heavy Cloud mass seen over the potential circulation zone over South-central Bay...
8:30am, Heavy showers along Karnataka coast, and Getting reports of showers in Kanyakumari dist. Tamilnadu..
Nagercoil - Getting reports of heavy showers from 9am
Chennai - South chennai got it's first summer showers at around 4am. It was a medium shower. Most of North Chennai didn't receive the shower