Wednesday, August 06, 2014

SWM revival

[a] The POWER SOURCE is in exact normal location with strength 1032hPa.

[b] The previous position results in wet weather in northern parts of India above 15 Degree North latitude

[c] The current position may witness rainfall activity below 15 Degree North Parallel for the nest two or three days.  

[d] Mid tropospheric level or medium level clouds formation may ensure moisture [even over Tamilnadu and this is not spill over] and rainfall over southern peninsula.

Weather Instagram at August 06, 2014 at 06:48PM

#chennai - 6:45pm, Chromepet ... Showers approaching from west. #weather

from Instagram

RT @rajugana: Aug 1st @ Sabarimala - Niraputhari fete, harvest festival.. bank to bank water at Sacred River Pamba. 

RT @rajugana:  Monsoon magic -Temple Madhyarangam @ Mandya on 3rd Aug- dark clouds covering the temple Gopuram ! pic 

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 9.30am, Dark passing clouds, windy and still awaiting for real monsoon rains...a pic 
Today as well, scattered moderate rain expected over S Karnataka, #Bangalore, N,N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai and along N-central coast Tamilnadu

#Chennai - 4:20pm, Having 80% cloud cover from morning with Sun peeking out at times.
Hot at 36 C.

An upper-level circulation may push near to #Chennai coast on 8-Aug... More rain possible ... 
But WRF model suggests that upper-level circulation is expected over W-central Bay on 8-Aug ... 

3:30pm, Due to upper-level circulation of the LOW... HEAVY rain seen over W,N-W Madhyapradesh, S,S-E Rajasthan.. 
3:30pm, ... some heavy rain also seen over N,N-E,E Gujarat.
Meanwhile, showers continue along Karnataka coast.

Today the LOW is over central,S Uttarpradesh ... expected to fizzle out in next 36hrs... 

At present the low-level circulation associated to this LOW is over S Uttarpradesh, N-E MP... 
Upper-level circulation of this LOW is seen over N-W MP and S-E Rajasthan ... 
This upper-level cirulation is expected to induce another upper circulation over central,S-W Gujarat in next 60hrs.. 

Remnant of this LOW as low,mid-level circulation is expected to persist over W,N-W,central Uttarpradesh till 8-Aug 

West coast offshore trough continue to be active from S Gujarat coast to N Kerala coast.
W-coast offshore trough is expected to be active along Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast,N-Kerala during next 2 days.