Saturday, December 01, 2012

@ntshamz2010 >> Showers expected to start along Central,N.Tamilnadu coast, S.Andhra coast from noon/evening of 3-Dec.. 

"99B" - LOW, Elongated and NO sign of strengthening

"99B" - Elongated, weak and NO sign of strengthening.
Pressure around 1004mb.
Latest analysis of the system shows that it's still a LOW pressure system with elongated circulation. Today, the elongation seen from N-W to S-E along 88E.

2pm, Visible Satellite pic shows  "heavy convective activity East of Chennai along 88E.
As expected most of convective activity is seen over N,N-E and E of the circulation.

NOGAPS model suggests that the system will persist as a circulation and move W-S-W towards N,central-Tamilnadu coast.. expected to reach coast by 3-Dec.

COLA model also expects the same kind of scenario, and rain will reach coast by 3-Dec.
Both the models expect NO further strengthening !

#chennai - records a min. temp. of 20.9 deg C today morning... expected to rise by 1 or 2 deg from tomorrow morning.