Friday, November 01, 2013

"Storm rolling into KOLKATA" 20-Sep-2013, TimeLapse Video

Here is the video

Diwali eve weather update !

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 4.30pm, Clear skies, Hot and humid day.. no rain for the past few days!!! 

RT @tweettojaykay: Yes. The rain gods love our little state. #kerala #india #rain (5:51pm)

#Chennai - 6:17pm, "City has received NO rain so far from easterlies", now it's CLEAR evening with low cloud movement from E-N-E.
#Chennai - 6:20pm, Mini showers seen ALL around city from 100 to 200km.

Showers expected to pop over Bay tonight, early hrs and move in.

Easterlies affecting Andhra coast and showers expected for #Chennai tonight.

3pm, Easterlies is popping showers along Andhra coast and W.D continues to affect Kashmir, Himachal ... 

#Chennai - 3:30pm, warm with stiff breeze from East. 
No sign of rain yet !
#Chennai - 3:30pm, Good scattered showers seen over most of S Andhra, around 70 to 200km N,N-N-W from city.

RT @avarakai: Light showers. #Delhi @weatherofindia  (4:16am)
(Showers due to W.D )
Scattered Heavy rain expected over S,S-central,W Tamilnadu and central,S Kerala during next 2 days.

@Sona_Monii >> #Kolkata - "NO rain expected in near future ". Weather will be Dry and the max temp will go down by 2 deg C from Monday.

1 or 2 showers expected on Diwali day for #Chennai, S,central Tamilnadu, Kerala

#Chennai - 12:30am, Upper level winds are now East and picking up speed.
Now showers seen over N suburbs of city (near Ponneri)

Weak low level circulation over W-central Bay persisted till afternoon of 31-Oct.. this delayed the Easterlies push towards Tamilnadu coast.

Latest analysis show that easterlies is now over central Bay and expected to reach S Andhra, Tamilnadu coast in 18hrs

#Chennai - 1:45am, Due to easterlies, showers are already pushing into city suburbs. Rain now over Redhills zone.
The showers due to easterlies along S Andhra coast, N,central Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai is expected from today till evening of Sunday !
Before evening today (1-Nov).. 2 or 3 sharp showers expected over S Andhra coast, #Chennai city, suburbs, N,central Tamilnadu coast.
Before today (1-Nov) evening, Heavy T showers expected over S,S-central, W-ghats Tamilnadu and over S,central Kerala.
Before Diwali evening, some T showers may break into S,S-central Karnataka as well.
T showers over S,central Kerala and S,W,central Tamilnadu is also expected till evening of Diwali day and Sunday as well.