Thursday, September 27, 2012

#chennai - 5:59pm, Heavy Showers seen over N-N-W from city at around 60 & 75km. And it's seen moving S-S-E.
For next 24/48hrs rain expected to persist over S.Andhra, N,central.Tamilnadu and most of Karnataka ..

By 29/30-Sep, showers expected over Karnataka coast and Kerala coast ..

COLA model suggests that rain to become heavy & widespread over Karnataka, S,central Andhra and N,N-E.Tamilnadu from 30-sep to 3-Oct.

During next 3 days, scattered showers will persist over N-E states.
A weak UAC still persists along N-coastal Maharastra...

The UAC over Bay is located over S-central Bay..

By 30-Sep the UAC over S-Central Bay is expected to drift near to Tamilnadu coast .. after that it'll move N-N-E..  
Circulation over central Bay persists and getting organized ...

Today a weak low level circulation also seen over N.Maharastra...

In next 12hrs an inland low level circulation expected over S.Andhra ... and it'll move West...

By 30-Sep, Bay circulation is expected to move slightly to N-N-W... and a circulation is expected along Karnataka coast.

S-W current is expected to peak along S,central Kerala from 30-Sep.. Rain expected..

Present low over central Bay is expected to become more marked and drift N-W on 30-Sep and then move N-E.. 
4pm, Showers seen over S-W, S coastal Maharastra, most of interior Karnataka, S.Andhra and N,N-central Tamilnadu.. 
#chennai - 5:09pm, thin high cloud cover continues. No Thunder cells nearby but lots of T.showers seen over S.Andhra.
RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 8.10am, After a gap of 3 weeks, It rained last night accompanied by thunder & lightning. Now it is cloudy..