Saturday, April 03, 2010

RT @kanishkka: Welcome to Chennai - Hot, Hotter & Hottest and now a days more Hottest. .... Heavy thunder squall is over Assam and not Arunachal pradesh (our previous post was a mistake)
RT @KJDevasia: It rains in Kerala on these days, heavy to heavy rain in cerain parts. It was zero visibility here in Waynadu..!
RT @alex98273: We are badly in need of rain. Summer hot is hitting through out Kerala in it's extreme. Rain rain come again...
RT @pareparambil: Yes.... First drops..... rain kerala summer
RT @hashkerala: RT @pareparambil : Yes.... First drops..... rain kerala summer .... this next easterly wave will reach East srilanka in next 36 hrs.. and in 48 hrs it'll be over south Tamilnadu
South-East Bay is hosting lots of thunder cells, signs of a next easterly wave moving towards south Tamilnadu ..
N-E states were calm most of noon and now a huge thunder squall is over Arunachal pradesh ..
Now its South Kerala's turn to get good thunder storms ..
Chennai - Chennai Super Kings .. making merry in Chepauk stadium under Humid conditions and temperature now 5:11pm is 32.5°C
IMD: Increase in rainfall activity predicted over south peninsular India
Rainfall on 2-Apr, Cherrapunji-14, Silchar-4, Dibrugarh-3, Agartala, Nancowry, Imphal, Passighat & North Lakhimpur-2 each and Tangla-1
India rainfall map on 2-Apr, .. Heavy showers over N-E States .. .... North-East states is calm today.
Very heavy thunder cells over North Kerala and along south-west Karnataka ..
Moisture incursion would continue over northeastern states during next 2-3 days.
On 2-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 42.5°C was recorded at Sambalpur (Orissa).
Heat wave conditions are prevailing over some parts of south Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and interior Orissa and isolated pockets of coastal A.P
Sat. shows a clear looking India ..
South Andhra and North Interior Tamilnadu might witness thunder storms today afternoon.
Chennai - A moisture push is happening from South-East today.. This might give rise to afternoon thunder storms over Interior Tamilnadu.
Chennai - Slowly picking up the heat today.. with low cloud movement & stiff breeze from South-East .. Temp. now 9:55am is 33.4°C