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Low pressures

List of all low pressures during South-west monsoon 2007. Take a look ..

South west monsoon 2007

For the country as a whole, the seasonal rainfall from 1st June to 30th September was 105% of its long period average (LPA)

Seasonal rainfall was excess by 26% over South Peninsula. It was deficient (15% below LPA) over Northwest (NW) India, 8% above LPA over Central India and 4% above LPA over Northeast (NE) India.

Out of the 36 meteorological sub-divisions, the seasonal (June-September) rainfall was excess in 13 and normal in 17 sub-divisions. However, it was deficient in 6 sub-divisions.

Out of 513 meteorological districts for which data were available, 72% of the meteorological districts received excess/normal rainfall and the remaining 28% received
deficient/scanty rainfall during the season. 77 districts (15%) experienced moderate drought and 30 districts (6%) experienced severe drought at the end of the season.

Five sub-divisions (viz. West Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and east Madhya Pradesh) experienced moderate drought conditions (rainfall deficiency of 26% to 50%) at the end of the season.

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Slow South-west withdrawal

This year, there was an unusual delay in the withdrawal of monsoon from extreme west Rajasthan, due to the prevalence of cyclonic circulations, availability of moisture and sporadic rainfall over the region. However, the southwest monsoon withdrew from western parts of Rajasthan and some parts of Punjab and Haryana on 30th September. The normal date of withdrawal from west Rajasthan is 15th September. During the period 1960-2006, the most delayed date of monsoon withdrawal from extreme west Rajasthan was 28th September, which occurred in the years 1964 & 1970. In the year 1990 also the withdrawal started as late as 27th September.

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It seems our North-East monsoon will be late :(