Monday, October 06, 2014

RT @arvenky: @weatherofindia Its pouring out for last 20 minutes here in Malleswaram,Bangalore. (7:29pm)

Analysis show the low-level wind discontinuity is seen from S-W Maharastra to E,S-E Karnataka to central Tamilnadu. 

5:30pm, Due to wind discontinuity, HEAVY T showers seen over S,S-W,W-ghats Karnataka, S,central Andhra ...
5:30pm, T showers also seen over S,S-W Maharastra, N,central Tamilnadu and one or two over W-ghats Kerala.. 

Tomorrow as well, the wind discontinuity is expected to persist from W,N-W Maharastra to N Karnataka to S,S-E Karnataka to central Tamilnadu

7-Oct, noon, evening...
Scattered T showers again over W,S-W Maharastra, W-ghats,S,S-central Karantaka and Kerala.
HEAVY T showers again for many zones of W-ghats, S,central,N,N-E Tamilnadu.
#Chennai - 7-Oct, some T showers expected over N-W,W,S-W suburbs and less or No rain for central zones city.
7-Oct, noon, evening...
Scattered T showers again for Odisha, Chatisgarh and Jharkhand.
#Bangalore - T showers forecast again for 7-Oct, late-noon, evening.

99B - " E-S-E Bay LOW, expected to become a D.Depression in 36hrs "

99B is now a LOW pressure system located over Andaman sea.
Present location is 11.4 N , 95.4 E, it has drifted N-W during past 8hrs.
Pressure is around 1005mb

Here's the latest wind analysis of the system. This system is expected to intensify into a Depression in next 36hrs.

On 8-Oct, GFS model suggest a intensification into Deep.depression or Cyclone and cross N Andaman Island group.

Weather Instagram at October 06, 2014 at 04:20PM

#chennai - 3:30pm, hot at around 32C. Massive T showers seen over NW, W at 60 to 100km. #weather

from Instagram

#Chennai - 4:53pm, HEAVY T showers seen over W-S-W,S-W at 60 to 80km.. now moving S,S-S-E crossing Kanchipuram..