Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crazy storm chasing video

South west monsoon is near..

As we can see the early signs of Southwest winds and rains over South bay.

"Conditions are favourable for further advance of southwest monsoon into some more parts of south Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea during next 48 hours."... reported by IMD.

Going by the latest satellite pic also we can see the monsoon cloud mass and the direction of air current.

Here in Chennai, humidity is bit low and the daily average Max temperature stands at 40 degrees celcius.
Here is the past 5 days humidity chart.

For the past 3 days including today (13-May-08) some parts of Chennai was experiencing some Electric showers.
Since the south west winds has started coming up during evenings, it's bringing in some moisture and lowering the temperature.
This condition will increase in activity and Chennai will have a nice WET electric evening in days to come.
Expect it!!

The path of destruction..."Nargis"

Some cruel remains of "Nargis"

"Nargis" - Aftermath

The effect of Cyclone Nargis on Burma (Myanmar) has been devastating and international relief is only trickling into the country. The military junta continues to bar access to most international disaster relief specialists and continues to block aid. So a natural disaster threatens to become a a humanitarian crisis of genuinely epic proportions.
With 22,500 dead and 41,000 missing, most of them from a massive storm surge that washed over the Irrawaddy delta, it is the most devastating cyclone to hit Asia since 1991, when 143,000 people died in neighbouring Bangladesh.
Without proper sanitation and clean water people still scavenging in the inundated remains of their homes could fall victim to waterborne diseases-----cholera, dysentery, dengue and malaria epidemics spreading among survivors is a frightening possibility. Burma is on the brink of a “devastating public health crisis” if help is not allowed to flow across its borders immediately.
The UN says that 'thousands of bodies' were floating in nearly 2,000 square miles of the flooded Irrawaddy delta.The junta's refusal of international humanitarian aid is, the UN laments, “unprecedented”. The United Nations has said that it had a responsibility to protect' the civilians victims of crimes against humanity regardless of whether sovereign governments wanted them to or not.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Temperature Rising

For the past 5 days Chennai's Maximum and Minimum temperature has been on the rise...
Take a look at the chart.

Max of 41.9 degrees
This will be the case for most of next 10 days.
Take lots of fresh water...to stay away from the harms of such temperatures.