Monday, May 20, 2013

RT @shaan4me: O that thunder Shaked the building. Rain in #Coimbatore heavy rain for 1hr 10pm @weatherofindia

Today in Bangalore, Erode, Kumarakom !

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 7.20pm, After a hot day,Clouds developed in the AN & it rained heavily with hails @ SE Blr

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia Erode (N-W Tamilnadu), 6:15pm, cloudy, windy and T.showers getting ready to pour

RT @yashvit: The monsoons are here!! #Kumarakom #Kerala hope it doesn't rain tomorrow else no cruising in backwaters! 

7:30pm, T.showers over S,S-W,central,N-W Karnataka, N-W,W.Tamilnadu, central Kerala, S.Andhra, S.Odisha, S-E Bengal.. 

Hottest in  Mahrashtra on Monday : Chandrapur at 47.9c,  Amraoti at 47.8c and Nagpur at 47.5c.
Hottest in Pakistan Nawabshah at 47.5c...more details awaited
The Heat LOW over N,N-W,Central,East India is taking good shape.. at present the pressure is around 998 mb over N-W.India & central Pakistan

During next 3 days, the Heat LOW is expected to spread West to East at a pressure of around 996 mb.. 

On 23-May, the North-South trough from Bihar will drop along S-E coast of India upto N,central Tamilnadu coast.. 

During next 2 days, the T.showers over S,S-W,S-central Karnataka and N,N-W Tamilnadu to continue ... 

On Wednesday, Heavy T.showers expected over N-W, N,central Tamilnadu ... 

Monsoon style rain expected for S.,central Kerala coast from today till Thursday. Today it's Cloudy in that zone. 

3pm, T.showers seen over S,S-W Karnataka, N,N-W Tamilnadu, W.Ghats of Kerala and mild rain over S,S-W Maharastra..

Today, the North-South trough is seen from E.Uttarpradesh to W,N-W Karnataka ...

Another low level circulation seen over central Bengal, Bihar and along Bangladesh ...

As Arabian sea is getting ready to host the Monsoon current, Moisture push is expected to happen all along Kerala coast from Tomorrow.

The North-South trough from Bihar is expected to shift to East along S-E coast from Wednesday ... 
RT @malviyamit: View from my window. #Bengaluru #Rains (4:07pm)

RT @itsdamslife: Heavy windy rains and total blackout #bengaluru Its gonna be a chilled night, gonna miss something (4:08pm)

RT @qinnairen: RT @surnell: Hail storm in #Bengaluru Icicles (4:09pm)

RT @sunilanair: Its just 4pm and its already dark in #bangalore #rain. (4:14pm)

SUPER #HOT India .. "47ers" of 19-May-2013.. Chandrapur ­47.9 °C, Churu ­47.6 °C, Banda­ 47.4 °C, Nagpur ­47.3 °C, Amraoti ­47.2 °C.

#Chennai - 12:40pm, Temperature is around 35 C, feels like 41.9 C. Breeze from South ! Humidity around 53 %

12:30pm, Heavy rain seen along S,S-W Srilanka (monsoon is near) and monsoon has covered all over Andaman islands ..