Thursday, March 13, 2014

Malout - 7:30pm, "today clear sunny day"

Maharastra rain again ! Pune hailstorm !

4pm, T.showers with hails seen over W,N-W Maharastra and into S,S-W Madhyapradesh, Odisha is cloudy with light rain.. 

RT @atulmodani: Torrential rain, hailstorm and heavy wind in #Pune (4:03pm)
RT @teddy_sher: Weather is going crazy first hot then rain and now it is cold #Pune #crazyday (4:48pm)

RT @onceuponarohan: Happens only in Pune. It's hot outside and there is cold rain pouring down...  :) (4:34pm)

RT @journoanurag: #Rain right where it is predicted, #IMD #Pune @dnaofpune (3:44pm)

RT @journoanurag: #hailstorm reported in chinchwad #pune @dnaofpune (4:30pm)
Maharastra's sorrow due to present T.showers and Hails are expected to reduce / stop from tomorrow.
... but today, HEAVY scattered rain / hail expected over N,N-W,N-central and W Maharastra !

And low-level line of wind discontinuity is expected to persist along W, coast Maharastra during next 2/3 days.

WRF and GFS models suggest a good reduction in Maharastra rains... but light rain to persist over the zone for 3 days 

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.40am, Clear skies, bright sunshine, dry...rain rain come again!!! sky

#Chennai - Today morning temp was 22 C at 5:43am.
now 10:48am, its HOT at around 32 C and partly cloudy with low cloud formations.

10am, W.D rain cleared out from Kashmir, Himachal.

Showers seen over E Madhyapradesh, N Chatisgarh... 
10am, Most of E,E-central,S-E India cloudy with high clouds.

Light rain over S,S-W Karnataka ...