Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A low level circulation is seen over N-E states..

Some showers expected over North of N-E states from today till 2-Feb.
Day temp. along N,N-W,N-Central India will go up from tomorrow till 4-Feb.

Warm / Hot day temp. expected over Coastal,W.Maharastra, Coastal,N-W Karnataka from tomorrow.
A weak easterlies may reach E.Srilanka on 3 / 4-Feb ... 

Mcleodganj - Weather update - "Slow changes... (pm.30.jan.13)"

Early morning low temp: 46.6F (8.1C)
Mid-day high temp: 55.6F (13.1C)
Rainfall: none

There are still a lot of high clouds across the area at sunset this evening, at the end of a day dominated by dim sunshine through a variable layer of mainly high cloudiness.  My pre-dawn low temp up at the top of town was the mildest I've recorded this entire month... but the high clouds kept us from capitalizing on that head-start, though today was still warmer than normal for this time of year.

The satellite view this evening shows a rather messy scenario from central Asia into the western Himalayas.  Although there is no significant storm system to be found, the atmosphere is in a very indecisive phase, with lots of weak disturbances flowing from west to east -- generating a considerable amount of cloudiness.  Moisture is very limited at this stage, however, so very little rain and snow is being produced by those clouds.  We may come up with some random raindrops between now and Sunday, but the the big drama will hold off for several more days.

That approaching drama will be due to a very strong late winter storm system which is expected to develop over Afghanistan and Pakistan by the very end of the weekend.  It is looking more and more likely that we'll be seeing some moderate to heavy precipitation early next week -- mainly from Monday into early Wednesday -- but from this vantage point, it appears that it will remain warm enough for a (mostly) rain event here in McLeod.  Lots and lots of time to monitor developments, so stay in touch...

partly to mostly cloudy and mild.  slight chance of a few sprinkles.
low: 8C (46F)

both clouds and some sun at times.  one or two brief, light showers possible.
high: 13C (56F)

partly cloudy skies.
low: 7C (45F)

a mix of sun and mainly high clouds.  mild start to february.
high: 13C (56F)

Some more odd showers expected over N,N-W Maharastra on Tomorrow, and may persist till 1/2-Feb...

Low level moisture persist along Andhra coast and W.Ghats of Kerala ...

Odd showers expected along central Andhra coast during next 24 hrs...

Chennai cloudiness today evening and possible showers along S,central Andhra coast is due to an upper level trough.. 
6pm, the upcoming moderate W.D is almost near N,N-W India.. most of N,N-central India had a high cloud cover day..

Due to W.D, showers expected over N-W.India, Kashmir from tomorrow morning ... 

A strong W.D is expected to reach N,N-W India on 2 / 3-Feb... 
Today morning, #Chennai - Airport records a low temp. of 21.1 C, #Bangalore = 18 C, #Hyderabad = 20.2 C.
RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 9.25am, Clear sky, Sunny, cold, Dry & Dusty. Yestday eve, slight cloud formation in the western horizon.

Today's lowest minimum temperature of 2.8°C has been recorded at Adampur (Punjab)

Cold wave conditions continue to prevail over some parts of east Madhya Pradesh and interior Odisha.

Today morning, Dense fog has been observed over many parts of E.Uttar Pradesh, parts of Bihar and isolated pockets of Punjab, N.Haryana