Saturday, April 17, 2010

@pankajtalukdar >> Is it raining in "Assam" now? If possible pls update with the location. Thanks
RT @pankajtalukdar: hey, the rain and the strom are interupting to the bihu lover in assam. I m missing it.
RT @Assam_News: Assam government to support : A day after a devastating thunderstorm killed four people and damaged ... ... As usual heavy showers over Assam and some other N-E states. ... Thunder storms may flare up over North Bihar in 1 hr ... it seems already we have one there.
7pm, Kerala thunder storm has reached Mountains of Nilgiris, and it may spill into South Karnataka as well..
6:30pm, What started as a small thunder storm at the extreme south of Kerala is now engulfing almost FULL of Kerala ..
@jeet_nair >> Can you please update your location in Kerala? Where is it raining ? Thanks
RT @jeet_nair: will be back soon...gona enjoy the rain awesome..when it rains in kerala..
RT @jeet_nair: will be back soon...gona enjoy the rain awesome..when it rains in kerala..
RT @gokulswords: after a long time heavy rain happend in kerala this eavening
Getting cloudy over Bangalore IPL match .. More chances of a thunder shower in 1 hr.
@bibinthomas787 >> Can you please update your location in Kerala? Thanks
RT @bibinthomas787: enjoying summer rain very much. Kerala is truely gods own country
@ddkuruvilla >> Can you please update your location in Kerala? Thanks
RT @ddkuruvilla: Heavy thunderstorm and rain in Kerala. Weather become cool.
On 16-Apr, After a steamy day,33c, reports of rain in Mahableshwar. Minimum drops to 15c.
On 16-Apr, 46.4c at Ganganagar, and 46 at Hissar and Akola. Violent thunderstorms in Marathwada and reports of lightning deaths.
W.D.clouding seen over Pakistan in 2pm image.Northern/Western Heat set to reduce from tomorrow. ... Good western disturbance over Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal and west Rajasthan in another 24 hrs.
RT @earthquake: M 5.3, Kepulauan Talaud, Indonesia: Saturday, April 17, 2010 10:02:26 UTC
3:30pm, Thunder showers now consolidating over South extreme Western ghats along South Kerala and South Tamilnadu ..
3pm, Showers also seen over more southern districts of Tamilnadu and over Eastern Srilanka..
3pm, Heavy thunder showers over Kanyakumari district (TN), SOuth Kerala and south western ghats in Kerala ..
Chennai - is still around the 36 deg C mark.. and expected to touch 38 before April end.
On 16-Apr, Adilabad again recorda the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in South India.
On 16-Apr, Heavy showers over south Kerala, Karnataka: Punalur 8, Lakkavalli (Chickmagalur dt) 5, Kozhikode 4, Cherthala (Alapuzha dt) 3 CM.
RT @intorpidire: Enjoying rain in sitout. . . . kerala . . . Cool weather
RT @ReginThangaraj: It is likely to rain in Trivandrum, Kerala.
Rainfall on 16-Apr, S-W Maharastra, Coastal Kerala, Karnataka, and N-E states as usual ..
RT @me_nabarun_here: itz raining cats and dogs here in guwahati , assam, india and weather is cold and cool
RT @bbrbora: full late night raining at GUWAHATI now,what a sweet dream waiting for me,good night tweets
RT @DARKHORSE952: Good morning up a little late today,itz raining out here in i'm just gonna enjoy this weather.
RT @JJ2691 Guwahati in Northeast India is having great weather 25-30 degrees 50humidity and rain coupled with breeze nearly every other day.
RT @samitchowdhury: Heavy rain is lashing North East India
In next 48 hrs, Fall in maximum temperatures over northwest , central and east India
Isolated thundersquall may occur over Orissa, West Bengal and Sikkim during next 24 hours.
Western disturbance over north Pakistan and neighbourhood now lies over north Pakistan and adjoining Jammu & Kashmir
A trough runs from Bihar to northwest Bay of Bengal in lowers levels
On 16-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 46.6°C was recorded at Idar (Gujarat).
Here's the 3am Thunder cell..>> ..and its present 9:30 location over Assam..>>
3 am, Thunder cell formed over the tornado hit North Bengal and swept across North Bangaldesh and at 9:30am its over Western Assam.. (cont.)
All thru the night there was lots of Thunder cells along the south peninsula coast from Gulf Mannar to Goa.
Volcanic ash halts much of N.Europe air travel ..
Why is volcanic ash a threat to planes? ..
RT @hiway: - Very windy in Ahmednagar, dry, dusty. Temperature dropped from 38C to 34C in just 1 hour. (at 5:30pm)