Saturday, January 05, 2013

Anti-cyclone is seen over Karnataka from low to medium levels in height ... this is the reason for HOT Karnataka 
COLA still predicts some rain for S,S-E.Tamilnadu on 8,9,10-Jan !
Another COLD day for N.India, Amristar = 6.7 C at 2:30pm, #Delhi = 8.8 C at 11:30am.
Present COLD wave over N,N-W, Central,E.India to continue till 8 / 9-Jan.

Next moderate W.D is expected to reach N,N-W India on 9-Jan, this will give some respite from COLD weather over N,N-W,Central India.

But the cold wave for E-central,East,N-E India to continue beyond 9-Jan.

Cold wave claims 11 more lives in UP, toll reaches 140 ... 

"90B" has slipped S-E during past 12hrs.

"90B" has slipped S-E during past 12hrs, Previosuly it was expected to drift West.
Still a LOW pressure system with pressures around 1006 mb.
Present location is 3.6N and 86.4E.
3:30pm, Satellite IR shows heavy convective activity seen along E,N-E,S-E Quadrant .
IMD-GFS expects the system to persist as a LOW and come near to S.Srilanka during next 3 days and vanish in that zone on 9-Jan.
Latest NOGAPS model suggests that the system will persist almost in that same zone even till 10-Jan.

Lowest Maximum recorded on 4th Jan in the plains was 8.2c at Amritsar and Karnal...Lowest on saturday morning  (as per information till noon) is   0.0c at Narnaul, 0,2c at Hindon.

Pune followed vagaries' estimate and dropped to 7.6c on Saturday morning, 

For those interested..vagaries extreme blog updated (cold wave page) with 1967 cold wave records....