Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remnant of Cyclone Nanauk and Monsoon for Mumbai

6:30pm, Less rain seen along S-W coast of India... "it seems monsoon is having a break from yesterday noon" ...
6:30pm, Remnant circulation of Cyclone Nanauk is pushing some showers into S Gujarat coast ..

The remnant of Nanauk is expected t merge with the offshore trough along W,S-W coast of India in next 24hrs.

WRF model suggests a upper level circulation along N-E Arabian sea along S Gujarat coast in next 24hrs... 
WRF model even suggest that the upper level circulation to push upto Mumbai coast on 17-Jun... so Monsoon is near .. 
Already, 10:30pm, the remnant circulation is giving showers to #Mumbai, s,central-coast Maharastra ... 
More rain ahead for #Mumbai on 16-Jun.
#Monsoon will be well and truly over the city, most of Maharastra coast on night of 16th or 17-Jun.

Bay is silent so far...
A mid, upper level circulation is persisting along N-E Bay along Myanmar coast....
N-E Bay upper, mid-level circulation may drift to N Bay along S Bengal coast on 17-Jun .. 
and this can activate Bay

Some weather reports from 14-Jun-2014

RT @Sailorabee: Nice. Bright and Sunny. Thank you for a dry Saturday! #Monsoons #Kochi @WeAreKochi @weatherofindia (14-Jun, 2pm)

RT @Arvind_LFC: @weatherofindia  Heavy rain in Nagapattinam after so many days! (14-Jun, 5:56pm)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 14-Jun, 12.05pm, Bright Sunshine, pleasant breeze and puffy clouds.. a pic 

Weather Instagram at June 15, 2014 at 11:41AM

#chennai - 11:40am, a bright, hot and windy day so far. #weather

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