Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pre W.D. rise in temperature in NW India on Wednesdsay.
W.D. will precipitate rain/snow in North and NW India from thursday evening.
90B will move SW, after pouring heavy rains over Sri Lanka. May skip T.N.

Chennai - Temp. now 9:55pm is already 22.6 C and goin down.. May go below 20 C around 5:30am.
9pm, Massive showers over Srilanka continue... due to "90B" and S,S-E Tamilnadu having some drizzles...
Heavy Rains in Sri Lanka :: NASA report ...

Heavy Rains in Sri Lanka :: NASA report

Heavy rains forced 120,000 people out of their homes in Sri Lanka, the Associated Press reported on January 11, 2011. Sri Lanka’s government stated that the death toll from flooding had risen to 13, and officials were arranging food drops to hardest-hit areas in the east.
This color-coded image shows rainfall amounts over Sri Lanka and the Bay of Bengal from January 3–9. The heaviest rainfall appears in dark blue, and the lightest rainfall appears in light green. The heaviest precipitation is concentrated over eastern Sri Lanka.
This image is based on data from the Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis produced at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, which estimates rainfall by combining measurements from many satellites and calibrating them using rainfall measurements from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite.
Weekend showers expected over S. Tamilnadu ...

Core of Bay ‘low' "90B" may skip Tamil Nadu coast

A low-pressure area has been prowling the waters of southwest Bay of Bengal over the past couple of days, but it is initially seen as propelling itself towards eastern Sri Lanka coast.

Dry winds
Forecast analysis shows the winds over the southern peninsular India would be drier and colder northwesterly-to-northerlies blowing in from the plains of the north and west.
The wind pattern is forecast to shift to being rain-friendly easterlies only from the weekend, with scattered rains dropping over southern coastal Tamil Nadu.
This might translate into isolated showers over the interior parts of the State as well as the adjoining southern Kerala, even as the core of the erstwhile ‘low' wallows in the southern Arabian Sea.
India Meteorological Department (IMD) has said in its outlook bulletin that isolated rain or thundershowers may occur over extreme south peninsular India on Wednesday and Thursday but scale up thereafter.

Meanwhile, the weather over northwest India might turn a shade for the better with the arrival of a western disturbance marked by rising motion of air upfront, convection, build-up of clouds and snow and rainfall.
Growing cloudiness will cause minimum and maximum temperatures to rise by 2 to 3 degree Celsius over parts of northwest and central India.

Cold wave
This would in turn lead to abatement of cold wave conditions over some parts of these regions.
But fog to shallow fog would envelop parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and some parts of sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim. This may progressively extend over Assam and Meghalaya also.
Forecast valid until Friday said scattered rain or snowfall would occur over Jammu and Kashmir, while it would be isolated over Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Rain likely
Isolated rain or thundershowers are likely to unfold over the plains of northwest India from Thursday.
The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts says the core of the westerly system would drift in across the northwest border around Friday, but the warming impact is expected to unfold from Wednesday.
An IMD outlook said the western disturbance would affect weather over the western Himalayan region during the rest of the week starting Wednesday.
The impact would be felt over the adjoining plains of northwest India from Thursday.
Meanwhile, international weather models see no big churn in the weather over northwest India after the westerly system passes.
There is no big follow-up westerly system seen anytime until January 21, which would clear up the air for cold to colder northwesterly winds to blow into the plains.
Relatively colder conditions are being forecast for even the southern peninsula, with only the fringes of the west and southwest coasts being the exception.
Chennai - temp. now 7:20pm is 23.6 C and going down slowly.. will touch 20 or 21 at around 6 am.
18 die in floods, mudslides in Sri Lanka ...
Nearly 1 million people affected in Sri Lanka floods .. and LOW "90B" is still there ... more to come ...
Cold  wave   conditions   would   prevail   over  east  U.P, Bihar, north  Madhya   Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Orissa during next 24 hrs
South India COLD .. Adilabad, Medak, Bijapur and Gulbarga recorded the lowest minimum temperature of 7 degree Celsius in the plains
Today.. Most parts of S-E and S. Tamilnadu did receive some drizzles due to "90B"
The western disturbance over Kashmir will get strong on 14,15,16-Jan-2011...
A huge anti-cyclone expected over central India and it's cold winds expected over Chennai and N. Tamilnadu on 14,15-Jan.
The present UAC "90B" will persist and move slowly in S-W direction and then on 15-Jan it'll move West and weaken...
6pm, Due to "90B" entire srilanka is under heavy cloud cover and spill over is happening over S, S-E of Tamilnadu ...
Yesterday's UAC and LOW "90B" is persisting over S_W Bay near E-S-E of Srilanka ...

What happens when WWF is in charge of the weather department?

This is a fast developing story. The forecast that global temperatures will rise by 4C by the end of this century is provided by the UK Met Office which Climate Justice Activists latch on to create mass hysteria.

So you may ask, why a photo of the popular Jack Nicholson movie “One flew over Cuckoo’s Nest”

It’s because, the head of the Met Office was the former chief of WWF, UK and paid a salary higher than the Prime Minister of the UK. He brought with him many of his WFF colleagues with him. They practically run the UK Met Office.

For the last 3 years, the Met Office consistently predicted barbeque summers and milder winters to end up with mud on their faces. Last year, despite their winter forecast turning wrong, the Met Office still believed that cold winters will become rare:
"The winter so far has been one of the coldest for nearly 30 years in Britain, but such icy weather was more common in centuries past and should become even rarer going forward."
This year too they had been reduced to a laughing stock when their current winter forecast proved a failure - the third in successive years. But now they are fighting for their credibility by claiming that they informed the British government in late October this year of the possibility of a very cold winter, which is great if true. The problem is that they feed the BBC and the general public a contrary forecast - you guessed it, milder winter. The Met Office is the official weather agency for the BBC, so why this duplicity? 

Once this story broke out, the BBC got so enraged that they filed a Freedom of Information request that pitted the BBC, Met Office and UK government one against the other. Public opinion within UK is growing to institute a parliamentary probe on this matter. The global warming propaganda machine of the UK is finally beginning to get unstuck. And once it does, it will be to the utter embarrassment of NGOs and environmental organizations that tout themselves as Climate Justice Movement!

Chennai - Temp. now 2am is not dropping beyond 23.0 C ,,, may reach 22/21 deg C around 5:30am.
1am, Heavy showers over E. Srilanka "90B" and some drizzles might move in over S-E Tamilnadu coast in another 1 hr time.