Saturday, July 23, 2016

Disapperance of AN-32 in mid Bay of Bengal

It resembles quite to the Helicopter Crash in September 2009 which killed the then AP Chief minister Dr. YSR at Nallmala Hills.  The helicopter was cruising in North South Direction and facing cross SWly wind attenuated by Nallamalla Hills.
[max Ht about 1100m].   The expert committee constituted by Government also pointed out the prevailing weather then as winds from SWLy direction (orographic) and  updrafts and down drafts of Thunder cloud.
Now, AN-32 was cruising at a height about  23000ft [about 7000m=about 425 hPa]  the wind was blowing from 220/10kt on 22.07.2016/about 0900 hrs IST .  Wind veering with height was there.  One has to calculate the wind shear there. But these may not hamper the operation.  Weather may NOT be the emergency...  This may be concluded.  
[Courtesy : Shri A.S.S/ Rtd.ATC officer, VOPC]

43279 VOMM Madras Observations at 00Z 22 Jul 2016

438.0   6876   -9.9  -12.8     79   3.28    213     11  333.3  344.9  333.9
400.0   7570  -14.5  -17.5     78   2.43    195      9  336.1  344.9  336.6