Friday, May 14, 2010

Readings of 14th. May:
Hottest in Asia: Nawabshah (Pakistan): 48c. Hottest in India: Brahmapuri (Maharashtra): 47.1c.
Easier to see the other hot spots (44c-46c) in the IMD map, rather than a long list covering half the blog.

Hottest Nights: Gondia (Maharashtra): 33c, Jaipur: 32.4c,  N.Delhi ,Palam: 32c, Kurnool:31.4c, Raipur: 30.9c, N.Delhi, S'Jung:30.2c, Ramagundum:30.6c Agra 30c.(The list is getting longer).
Mahableshwar. 31.9c (Day) and 19.1c (Night).

Mumbai: Colaba: 35.4c,  S'Cruz: 34.2c. Hot days, partly cloudy, and stuffy nights will prevail in Mumbai for the weekend. Stuffy and humid, with enough perspiration to drench you,will be the experiance next 3/4 days.
Meanwhile,our poll  indicates 33% say Monsoon will be arriving at Kerala 25th.May and 31st. May. Lets hope these 33% are correct.
RT @kesavanpradeep: another hot day in madurai (5:13pm)
Chennai - Had good stiff breeze from S-E... and recorded a moderate max. Temp of 36.6 deg C
GFS : Around 21-May, S-central Bay will have a LOW pressure.. this will Kick the Monsoon into Kerala and Andaman..
5:30pm, Showers over S, S-E Karnataka and over S-central Tamilnadu ..
5:30pm, Isolated showers over maharastra + Chatisgarh + Andhra border ..
5:30pm, Heavy thunder showers over central Orissa, N.central Bengal and S. Bengal...
5:30pm, Entire sea zone just below 5th parallel is active for the past 2 days, signs of Monsoon ??..
On 13-May, Anekal (Bangalore Urban dt) 3, Ketti (Nilgiirs dt), Bangalore airport, Sira (Tumkur dt) and Cumbum (Prakasam dt) 2 CM in S. India
on 13-May, Isolated rainfall occurred over Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and South Interior Karnataka.
Rain on 13-May.. Dibrugarh-7, Bangalore (AP)-2 and Srinagar, Quazigund, Banihal and Imphal-1 CM..
The maximum temperatures would fall over plains of northwest India and no significant change is likely in central and east India.
Severe heat wave to heat wave conditions are prevailing over many parts of Bihar
On 13-May, WOW heat... highest maximum temperature of 47.3°C was recorded at Wardha (Maharashtra)
2pm, Thunder cells popping out over W. & central Orissa, N. Andhra and over Tirunelveli & Tuticorin dist. of Tamilnadu..
Andhra heat deaths, entire season stands at 142 ..
Delhi Temperature Continue to Rise as Hottest Day Experienced in 4 Years ..
New Delhi - on 13-May, "44.4 during day, rain at night" ..
New Delhi - "No respite for Delhi, temp to hit 45 deg‎" ..
Monsoon likely to hit Kerala by month-end ...
@devswonderland >> Is it raining now? If possible take a snap shot and share. Thanks
RT @devswonderland: It's going to rain bangalore indiranagar india Time 1.43pm IST
Heavy rain in Bangalore.!
RT @asith: @StrawberryChix Its raining here in bangalore :) Thunderstorms! Its not too good to be called heaven though :) Traffic jams
Monsoon Watch - 7 - "El-Nino Factor Over" ..
10:30am, central U.P is partly cloudy, S. Kerala and S. Tamilnad is active with cloud formations along with Gulf Mannar.
RT @rawatlalit: Kerala's Munnar the serene hill station has been the second-greatest travel destination in the world by TripAdivsor.
RT @myviews4life: Cycling mission to save environment: NAGAPATTINAM: A bunch of young-men have wheeled ...