Sunday, December 19, 2010

NEM revival -19122010 / 2157 hrs IST

NEM 2010 has again going to revive over Coramendal coast. Today [19.12.2010 / Sunday :about 2100 hrs it started raining moderately in coastal areas of Villupuram, Cuddalore and Puducherry districts. The convective cloud development is legitimately visible. More over the SST is also relatively higher in the "near shore areas" of SW bay & adjoing SE bay.
Courtesy of up dated rainfall :

Pune :: Minimum temp touches 8.5 deg C ...
Is the N-E monsoon over for Tamilnadu ?? IMD-Chennai has realeased the N-E monsoon report for this Year (2010)...
Adampur (Punjab) again... Lowest minimum temperature of 0.9 C recorded in the plains of the country.
Even COLA-GFS predicts :: Upcoming easterlies will affect Central TN coast rather than N.TN... as expected at this time of year.
On 23-Dec, S-E Corner Bay will throw a Low circulation and it'll travel West along 10th parallel and will affect C.TN coast on 26/27-Dec
Warm winter Sunday for Delhi ...
Moderate to Heavy showers for C.and S-E Tamilnadu coast from 21-Dec till 26-Dec.
Chennai - and N.Tamilnadu coast will get showers on 20,21 and on 22-Dec.
IMD-GFS predicts, showers will be over C.coastal Tamilnadu from upcoming easterlies... .. heavy rain on 22-Dec
@fabwrite >> Chennai temp. now 4:41pm is 23.1 C.. will be around 21 Deg C at around 8pm.. with COLD wind from North, sometimes gusting !!
RT @menonvishnum: wow it's awesome climate at Chennai... Continuous drizzling of rain n a bit of sun shine to remind us that it's day time:)
Entire Central and N. Tamilnadu coast will be windy at times till evening of Today...
N. Tamilnadu and Chennai.. Medium high cloud cover with mild drizzles or even sharp showers are the weather pattern from 15-Dec till today !
3:30pm, we can see the medium high cloud cover over N.Tamilnadu and S-E Bay is very active with easterlies ..
Chennai - now 4:25pm have cold wind gusts from North and with mild drizzles. Also having a thick medium high cloud.
Chennai - touched a cold 19.8 C (6:04am).. and recorded a high of 24.1 C (11:30am) and now 4:23pm its even lower.. 23.3 C