Saturday, May 07, 2016

Next 2 days, Even tough good T showers forecast for E India, there's less change expected in Day temps ...
N,N-central,NW India will continue to record day temps above 40 C for almost ALL cities, towns during next 2 days !
Above 40 C for #Delhi !

In South Peninsula, pockets in S,central Andhra will register above 41 C.
Coimbatore may touch above 40 C on Sunday ..

Today, trough in westerlies at upper-levels seen from N Uttarpradesh dipping SW to 15N, S-coast Maharastra ..
At low-levels, a weak circulation seen over S Maharastra and N Karnataka zones...

Thanks to presence of low-level Anti-cyclone over central Bay.. moisture pushed into Tamilnadu and all along SE coast.
This scenario will light up scattered T showers from N Bengal to S-tip Tamilnadu along SE coast in 24hrs ..

In 24hrs, HEAVY "nor-westers" #alert for Bihar, N,SW,W Bengal, Jharkhand and into Odisha.
Scattered HEAVY T showers will continue over N,central zones of NE states of India in next 48hrs !
More scattered T showers ahead for NE,central,S Andhra into N,NE, NW,central,W,S Tamilnadu in 36hrs.
More scattered HEAVY T showers ahead for W-ghats Tamilnadu and Kerala in next 48hrs.

Bangalore and S,SW,SE Karnataka - expected to get more T showers after 3pm today and on Sunday...
#Chennai - NW,W,SW suburbs may get a T shower today after 4pm and before 1am.
Temperature may not go beyond 35 C on today and Sunday !