Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2 odd model suggestion for the present circulation over S.Andhra

7pm, HEAVY rain over W,S,N-E Karnataka, central Tamilnadu, central,N-central Andhra ... 
7pm, showers seen pushing into N-E Andhra, S,central Chatisgarh, Odisha and S Bengal.
"It's raining in Ranchi" ..

Analysis show that the circulation is over S Andhra ... 
GFS suggests, that the circulation will weaken and drift N-W upto S,S-W Maharastra and vanish ... 

But NAVGEM model suggests, the circulation will exit thru Karnataka coast and drift W-S-W into Arabian sea .. ODD . 

In any case, HEAVY rain ahead for E,S-central, central Karnataka and W,central Andhra during next 36hrs.
Before Friday morning, rain expected for N,central,N-E Tamilnadu, S,central-coast Andhra.
#Bangalore - scattered moderate rain expected before Firday morning.
#Chennai - The wind direction is expected to shift to S-W and to South by Friday.. and noon,evening showers expected tomorrow.

There's NO strong easterlies expected to enter Bay till 31-Oct ... so weak N-E monsoon days ahead for Tamilnadu coast.

Circulation now over S Andhra, N Tamilnadu and Chennai

Latest analysis show that the circulation is over S Andhra, N Tamilnadu and #Chennai ... 

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 9.45am, Cloudy skies with slight drizzles. However Sky is clearing and Sun is peeping out ! 

11:30am, Heavy rain over central Andhra as the circulation has moved inland ... 

#Chennai - 12:20pm, Pressure is around 1004mb, as expected Wind and cloud movement is from West.
Warm at around 32 C.
#Chennai - 12:30pm, conditions are right for a localized T shower before 6pm.

Belgaum @ 9.30pm, 22-Oct - From morning it was cloudy..Now drizzling started ..wind is from east..seems more rain ahead for next three days
Davangere - 5:30pm, 22-Oct, "Strong entry of NEM. Raining from past 1 hour, still has got good cloud cover."
More rain head in 36hrs.

#Kolkata - 12:40pm, "Overcast"