Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Badlapur Overall Weather in April 2014.

Presentation of temp in graph which shows the temp behavior for April 2014 ! Please click on above image for better view..

This year, April was warmer than normal & 40c plus temp was recorded for 6 times in Badlapur..
RT @sangymangi: @weatherofindia Heavy rain with thunder for the last 20 mins in Madurai, Tamilnadu. (4:45pm)

#Madurai rain near #Arasaradi devagi hospital ..

Tuticorin - 4:23pm, "T showers in Western vicinity" ... 

RT @cheeku_n: Massive rains in Kottayam #wishthisischennai @weatherofindia (4:23pm)

2:30pm, T showers seen over S,S-E Tamilnadu, S.central Kerala, S Maharastra ... 

RT @bijunarayan: Rain on my window.... #Trivandrum (1:34pm)
RT @markiv_in: @weatherofindia Rains just stopped in Trivandrum (3:09pm)
Nagercoil (S Tamilnadu) - 1:25pm, "T showers for past 30 min"

Analysis show a very-low-level circulation over N-N-E Madyapradesh and its trough seen upto N-central Maharastra to S Tamilnadu.
At 850hpa levels, trough seen from E Madhyapradesh to S,S-S-W Maharastra and to N-W Karnataka ... 

Today, a circulation seen over Gulf Mannar along S tip Tamilnadu ...
And expected to persist.. 
A low-level circulation seen over N Bangladesh, N Bengal... and trough seen South to N Bay ... 

In Next 2 days, low-level circulation expected over Bihar and its trough to run thru N Chatisgarh, E Maharastra, N,N-W Andhra to Gulf Mannar
Meanwhile, the Gulf Mannar , S tip Tamilnadu circulation is also expected to persist during next 2 / 3 days ... 

Today, before midnight T showers expected over S,W Tamilnadu, S,central,N, W-ghats Kerala ... 
Before midnight, T showers also expected for S,S-W,N,N-W,N-E Karnataka, N,N-central,N-E Andhra, S,S-W Maharastra ... 
Heavy, scattered T showers to continue over N,N-central,E Bangladesh, N Bengal, Sikkim into N,central N-E states.!
T showers also expected along central,S W-ghats, W Maharastra during next 24hrs !

On 29-Apr, Barmer records 46.8 C

#HOT at 12:30pm... "HOT Everywhere"
Lucknow = 43 C
Varanasi = 42C
Nagpur = 41C
Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Amristar = 40 C
Patna = 38 C

Some #HOT cities at 12:30pm...
#Delhi = 41 C
Hyderabad = 38 C
#kolkata = 37 C
#Chennai, #Bengaluru = 36 C
#Mumbai = 32 C

Temperature anomaly from 20-Apr to 26-Apr shows, LESS heat over N-W,central, S-Peninsula India ... 

Super #HOT 40s on 29-Apr...
Ganganagar = 44.2 C
Bikaner = 44 C
Hissar = 42.7C
Jaipur = 43 C
Barmer = 46.8 C
Ahmedabad = 42.9 C
Super #HOT 40s on 29-Apr...
Rajkot = 42.7 C
Jamshedpur = 42.8 C
Akola = 44.5 C
Nizamabad = 43C
Rentachintala = 44.2 C
Anantapur = 42.2 C

Last 3 days in Tirunelveli (S Tamilnadu)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Belgaum - 3:43pm, Heavy Rain now at Belgaum Airport from past 20 minutes :)

RT @GiriSubu: Mumbai heat and humidity is unbearable..where is the summer rain..phewwww!!! @weatherofindia

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Monsoon Watch - 3.. 2014 ....Part 1....27th April 2014

1. ENSO:
Subsequent to writing the MW-2, we are keeping a carefull watch on the El-Nino developments. the Sub Surface Sea temeperatures in the Nino 3.4 and other regions have been constantly warming up since end February. The next logical sequence is the warm waters rising to surface, heat up the Sea surface temperatures, and then effect the trade winds. But, against much over reaction on the El Nino, we see the warming taMonsoon Watch -3 ..Published in Vagaries... its own time. Does not seem to be happening at a faster rate or in a hurried manner. The last 2 weeks heating ( Nino 3.4) shows a very nominal warming up, of 0.23c. The analytical point to be noted here: The anomally in February was below normal, while now with a rise, the anomally is near average.  and Nino 1+2 has actually declined by 0.7c ! 
The most recent ONI value is -0.7c...(El Nino is characterised by ONI values of 0.5 or above, La Nina is characterised by -0.5 or below).
So the ENSO conditions are still Neutral. 
May happen that an eventual El Nino, though unavoidable, may actually form full fledged ( around August) after the main months of our South West Monsoon have been done with. South West Monsoon may get sluggish ( In Peninsula) after July, around August and september.

More in Monsoon Watch -3 ..Published in Vagaries...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Again Int N.Kokan got sizzled in heat wave today !!

7 times 40c plus temp recorded in current summer season! In which 6 times in April itself for Thane to Badlapur belt !

Some max temp from the region below dated (26-4-2014):

Badlapur temp 40.4°C with min humidity of 14%.
Thane IMD temp 41.2°C with min humidity of 18%.
Karjat estimated temp 43.0°C with min humidity of 12%.
Bhira temp 44.0c

Palghar max temp 38.6°C with min humidity of 26% today.
Mumbai temp 35.5°C with min humidity of 34% today.

Time lapse cumulonimbus clouds in Kolkata

Friday, April 25, 2014

Finally after 4 days period, today's temps are below 40c mark (except Karjat & Bhira) in North Kokan !

But still it is hot & above normal temp!

Some max temp from the region below dated (25-4-2014):

Thane temp 38.2°C with min humidity of 14%.
Badlapur temp 39.4°C with min humidity of 19%.
Karjat estimated temp 41.5°C with min humidity of 13%.
Bhira temp 43.5°C

Palghar temp 35.3°C with min humidity of 34%.
Mumbai temp 33.8°C with min humidity of 47%.

Chennai, max temp of 37 C expected till 30-Apr.

#Chennai - 3:40pm, Temperature at 35 C with stiff Sea breeze from E-S-E and humidity at 49% ... 
#Chennai - Till 30-Apr, The day temperature is expected to be around 36 / 37 C.
Days will have less wind till 2pm and Sea breeze will set in

Widespread T showers for N,central zones of N-E states from 26-Apr.

T shower activity is expected to become HEAVY and Widespread over most of N,central N-E states from 26-Apr ... 
The low-level circulation over N Bengal, N-E,E Bihar and N Bangladesh zone will increase the T showers over N-E states from Saturday !

Today's analysis show a very-low, low-level wind discontinuity can be seen from S-W Bengal to E Maharastra to S-W Maharastra, N Karnataka..
.. and the low-level trough drops south from N,N-W Karnataka to S Kerala and S Tamilnadu ... 

During next 2 days, low-level circulation is expected to persist over N,central Bengal, Bihar... and it's trough is expected upto S Kerala
During next 2 days, the low-level circulation is expected to persist over N-central zone of N-E states !
A weak low-level circulation over Gulf Mannar and S Tip Tamilnadu persists and expected even till Monday !! 

Today again, more T showers expected over S, W-ghats Kerala and over S Tamilnadu... 
Today, late evening and midnight... T showers expected for S,S-W,central,N Karnataka into S Maharastra and N,N-W,N-central Andhra.
Today, T Showers also for N-E Andhra and into Odisha as well.
Today - Midnight or early hr showers expected for S, S-S-E coast Tamilnadu.
Slowly N,N-W India is also heating up ...
Bikaner = 40C
Guwahati = 40.6C
Barmer = 42.6 C
Allahabad = 41C
Bhuj = 41.2 C
Bankura = 42.8 C

#HOT 40s of 24-Apr...
Jamshedpur = 41.4C
Kolkata = 41.2C
Bhubaneswar = 42.8 C
Akola = 42.1 C
Hanamkonda = 42.4 C
Rentachintala = 43.4 C

Tamilnadu, #HOT topper ...
#Chennai (AP) = 36.4 C
Dharmapuri = 39.6 C
Karur = 39.8 C
Madurai= 38.6 C
Thiruchirapalli = 40.8 C
Vellore= 38.8C

#HOT at 12:30pm...
Nagpur = 43 C
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow = 39 C
Delhi, Thiruchirapalli = 38 C

At 12:30pm...
#Chennai = 37 C  (feels like 42.1 C)
#Bengaluru = 37 C  (feels like 38 C)

 Tuticorin - 12:25pm, HOT and Humid ...

RT @uzair432: @weatherofindia Showers in parts of hyderabad. Temparature plunges down to 25c. 12:19am

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Almost impossible task of forecasting South West Monsoon !!
Here's IMD's Long Range Forecast of SW Monsoon 2014... 
[Download PDF]  

Heat wave continues on Election Polling day in North Kokan today!

New Record of consecutive 40c+ mark temp for straight 4 days in a row !!!
So may be one of the reason for less voting turnout here!

Some max temp from the region below dated (24-4-2014):

Badlapur temp 40.4°C with min humidity of 14%.
Thane Enviro temp 40.5°C with min humidity of 22%.
Thane IMD temp 40.9°C with min humidity of 18%.
Karjat estimated temp 42.0°C with min humidity of 12%.
Palghar max temp 37.1°C with min humidity of 30% today.

Mumbai max temp 36.5°C with min humidity of 35% so real feel of 38°C

RT @Sailorabee: Heavy rains. Thundershowers #kochi
@weatherofindia 4:21pm

Tirunelveli - 2pm, Rain after a long time over eastern suburbs.

Tamilnadu #Election day

#chennai - 10:56am, #election day - Temperature 34 C and feels like 39 C.
Sea breeze expected after 2pm. warm late noon expected.
Pls #vote

A weak low-level circulation expected over Gulf mannar... more rain ahead for S,W Tamilnadu, S Kerala, W-ghats Kerala
S,S-W,W Tamilnadu can get scattered T shower after 2pm... people are requested to #vote before that !!

Time lapse cumulonimbus clouds in Kolkata

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Severe Heat wave in North Kokan today!

Record of consecutive 40c+ mark temp for straight 3 days in a row !!!

Some max temp from the region below dated (23-4-2014):

Badlapur temp 41.4°C with min humidity of 15%.
Thane Enviro temp 41.4°C with min humidity of 24%.
Thane IMD temp 42.1°C with min humidity of 19%.
Karjat estimated temp 43.3°C with min humidity of 13%
Bhira temp 43.0°C.
Palghar temp 39.3°C with min humidity of 21%.

Mumbai temp 37.9°C with min humidity of 29%.

RT @rshivaag: @weatherofindia drizzle at Tuticorin 9am  

RT @Asalraam:  moderate showers fr d 3rd consequtive day here at kanyakumari (3 p.m). Its turning out 2 b a mini monsoon here!! 
2:30pm, T showers again over S tip, South Tamilnadu ...

Malout - 3pm, "hot western winds, temperature = 37 / 38C, real feel 40C"

 #chennai #weather at 2:30pm. #photo taken facing east just opposite to #airport.

#HOT at 3:15pm,
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Nagpur = 41 C
Kolkata, Patna, Thiruchirapalli = 40 C
Bengaluru, Delhi, Varanasi = 37 C

Mumbai = 36 C

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's in store now for the Sub Continent ?

Now, by the 25th, a weak WD would move into the Northern Parts of the Sub Continent, the Northern most parts.
Rains would be seen in the Extreme North of Pakistan and in the States of Kashmir, Hills of HP and some thunder squalls in the Plains of both the Punjabs. Rains would be precipitating on 24th and 25th.
Most Cities of Punjab ( including Malout) and Haryana will be around 37-39c till Friday.Thunder squalls likely on Thursday/Friday in Punjab.
Full/More details on

Heat wave condition in North Kokan for 2nd day today dated (22-4-2014)!!

Some max temp from the region below :

Badlapur temp 40.2°C with min humidity of 22%.
Thane temp 40.7°C with min humidity of 23%.
Karjat estimated temp 41.2°C with min humidity of 21%.
Panvel temp 40.5c with min humidity of 39% .

Also early morning around 1am to 2am period today, had Thunderstorm with light to medium rain shower for 10mins in Badlapur, Panvel & Karjat area. So Roads turn wet with scented soil smell here in morning time. 

Karjat recorded 3mm rainfall ending 8.30am today.
Badlapur recorded 2mm rainfall ending 8.30am today.

2:30pm, T showers seen over S tip Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari dist)... T showers popping over S,central Chatisgarh, Odisha 

RT @Asalraam: @weatherofindia heavy thunder showers here at kanyakumari (2.20 pm) 

More T showers ahead for S Kerala, S tip Tamilnadu !!

Today, very-low-level circulation seen over Central Chatisgarh and another over N-W, N-central Karnataka
At low-level (850hpa) a circulation seen over E,S-E Madhyapradesh ... 
Along W Karnataka and upto S-W,W Maharastra a weak trough on easterlies can be observed ... 

In next 36hrs, a very low-level wind discontinuity line is expected from S-W Bengal to E Maharastra to S,S-W Maharastra and to S Tamilnadu.
In next 36hrs, At 850hpa levels the wind discontinuity line is expected from S-W Bengal to N,N-W Karnataka only .. 

Today, T showers expected for S,E Madhyapradesh, N,N-central,E Maharastra, S Chatisgarh, N,N-E Andhra ... 
T showers to continue over S,central Kerala, S,S tip Tamilnadu for today, tomorrow ...
Tonight - Mid-night or early hr T showers expected along S-S-E coast of Tamilnadu (Gulf Mannar) !

Heat wave like condition in North Konkan today !

Some max temp from the region below dated (21-4-2014)..

Badlapur temp 40.0°C with min humidity of 21%.
Thane temp 40.1°C with min humidity of 23%.
Karjat estimated temp 41.8°C with min humidity of 19%.

Mumbai see's highest max temp for the current season till today!!

S'cruz max temp 39.0°C & Colaba 36.0°C today..

Hottest Apr 2014 in last 4 years in Mumbai ! Also 2nd Hottest April in last 10yrs as previous highest was 40.6c on 2nd Apr 2009 .. And then current Apr 2014 saw 39c today. Rest remaining Apr were below 39c..

Monday, April 21, 2014

4:30pm, T showers over central,N Gujarat, N,N-E Andhra, S-W Karnataka, central,S Kerala and S Tamilnadu ... 

RT @uzair432: Hyderabad Rajendranagar, charmina gachibowli tolichowki masabtank abids areas witnessing showers 5:26pm

#Hot at 2pm, 
Hyderabad, Nagpur = 40 C
Patna, Thiruchirapalli = 39 C
Kolkata, Lucknow = 38 C
Ahmedabad, Delhi = 37 C
Mumbai, Jaipur = 35 C

At 2pm, 
#Chennai = 34 C  (feels like 36.5 C)
#Bengaluru = 37 C  (feels like 34.4 C)

2:30pm, T showers seen over N-E Andhra into Odisha, and over W-S-W Rajasthan ... 

The #heat is expected to spread into N,N-central,N-W India around this weekend.
Around 25/26-Apr, most of N,central Peninsula, Central, E,E-central India is expected to have day temperature above 37 C.
From 25-Apr, Most of East, E-central, E-S-E India is expected to have super #HOT day conditions of above 40 C... 
Here's the DAY temperature anomaly map of India from 13-Apr to 19-Apr ... 

#HOT 40s of Easter day !!
Barmer = 40.7C
Kolkata = 40C
Bhubaneswar = 41.7 C
Rentachintala = 41.6 C
Vellore = 40.4C
Madurai = 40.1 C

Reports from around India on Easter day! 20-Apr-2014

Apr 20, 11:25am via Web
Weather update: #Kolkata Mostly sunny, Hot. 36° RealFeel 44° :( @weatherofindia

@weatherofindia Right prediction by you and Vagaries... thurderclouds just reached

@weatherofindia Bangalore 4.18pm, Bright Sunshine, Clear skies, hot n humid.. no cloud formation yet..Badly in need of T.Storm to cool off.

@weatherofindia it's raining heavily with strong wind in ahmedabad #thunderstorm

Massive thunderheads developed in evening period at Badlapur today... Check this out

Monsoon Clouds Formation At Noon near Kabarwala Punjab

16 august 2013 at afternoon clouds formation near village kabarwala punjab after complet formation heavy rain take palce as floods

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monsoon Watch - 2   (20th April 2014) 
(Request see Article on Big Laptop screen as Maps and Charts will be better Understood and have been put up with lot of effort..Thanks)

Lengthy Article, please see in Vagaries..

Massive thunderheads developed in evening period at Badlapur today.

At evening 7pm ,gusty cool winds from the east direction blown the dust in the air. But no rain was occurred. 

Before that it has hot in afternoon period in Interior North Kokan. Some max temp below from the region :

Badlapur max temp 38.6°C with min humidity of 24% today. 

Thane max temp 37.9°C with min humidity of 42% today.

Karjat estimated max temp 41.6°C with min humidity of 20% today.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Fresh snowfall in Kedar valley - The Times of India

Friday, April 18, 2014

#HOT at 4pm...
Nagpur, Thiruchirapalli = 40 C
Ahmedabad, Jamshedpur = 39 C
Kolkata = 37 C
Hyderabad = 34 C

40s club of 17-Apr ...
Barmer = 40.4C
Jamshedpur = 41.1C
Nagpur = 41.2C
Akola = 42.1C
Hanamkonda = 42.5C
Rentachintala = 43 C
Vellore = 40 C

5:30pm, Massive T showers seen from central Uttarpradesh to N,S-W Maharastra and into N-W,W,central,S-W Karnataka. 
5:30pm, T showers also over W-ghats of N-central Kerala, W,N-central Andhra, central Odisha, S-E Rajasthan, W Kashmir
5:30pm, T showers also seen over N-W, S Tamilnadu ...

RT @GanpatTeli1: Rain and storm in delhi. @weatherofindia. 5:11am

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Outlook for the coming Weekend, Friday,18th, Saturday19th and Sunday 20th April;

Friday: A-4 will be precipitating in the Northern Pakistan areas of Punjab and Upper Sindh and parts of South Sindh. Many Central Sindh cities like Nawabshah, Sukkur and Hyderabad are likely to get rains. 

In India also, the WD will precipitate in Kashmir, HP, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and some severe storms in Rajasthan and North MP.
The higher reaches of the Hill states are likely to get snow. Heavier showers in Western Nepal.
That means, continuing below normal day temperatures in the North.
A trough, and a semi formed LWD will get thunder showers to Southern Maharashtra and interior Karnataka. 
Belgaum can get the evening thunder shower.

Bangalore too can possibly get the long waited thunder shower on Friday.

A-4 moves east, and keeps the Sindh dry. Sporadic showers continue in Pak Punjab.
Northern India get another day of rains, which decrease by Saturday night. Rains in Punjab, Haryana and Northern Rajasthan plains will continue for another day.
Raipur can get another Thunder shower on Saturday/Sunday.
A-4 weakens and withdraws from the region. Rains almost cease in the North, bringing out the sun and heat from Monday.

Southwards, Thunder showers will lash Southern Maharashtra and Marathwada. The "line " of Thunde cells developing will be Southwards from Southern Maharashtra into adjoining N.I. Karataka, which too will get thunder showers. But rains decrease in S.I..Karnataka.

As the WD disintegrates , Kathmandu can get light showers on Saturday. Otherwise we see the days pleasant around 30c, heating up suddenly from Sunday.

But its Maharshtra special for Sunday,with the entire state barring Konkan poised to get thunder showers.Thunder showers cooling Nagpur and Aurangabad on Sunday.

taken from Vagaries. City forecast in vagaries

Convective cloud formation

The high pressure system in southern hemisphere is formed just 4300 km south of Cape Comerin and has lesser strength to form cross equatorial flow.  However it induced or influenced SOUTHERLY flow winds near Comrin. The western side of southern tip is slowly heated and small extent convective clouds are formed. Similarly medium level convective clouds [CTT &Minus 40 C] are formed over Rayalaseema, NE parts of Karnataka, and adjoining place capable of producing TS with 2-3 cm rainfall

South West Monsoon 2014 - update #1

The feared "El Nino" - South West Monsoon killer !!
El Nino and IOD update by BOM on 8-Apr-2014...
It is now likely (estimated at a greater than 70% chance) that an El Niño will develop during the southern hemisphere winter. Although the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is currently neutral, surface and sub-surface ocean temperatures have warmed considerably in recent weeks, consistent with a state of rapid transition. International climate models surveyed by the Bureau indicate continued warming of the central Pacific Ocean in coming months. Most models predict sea surface temperatures will reach El Niño thresholds during the coming winter season.

The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) is currently in a neutral state. Model outlooks indicate the IOD will remain neutral through late autumn and early winter. The chance of a positive IOD event occurring will increase if an El Niño develops.
Taken from

Central, N-W India Heat LOW.
As of today, the Central, East, N-W India LOW is around 1006mb.
This heat low is expected to deepen to around 994mb by end of May.
At present the progress is moderate, due to less heating over N,N-W India marred by successive Western Disturbances.

North South inland low-level trough or Line of Wind Discontinuity (LWD).
At this time, the North South low-level trough or line of wind discontinuity is expected to be established from Central,E-central India to South Kerala, South Tamilnadu.
Today, the circulation is seen over S-E Madhyapradesh and trough seen South upto S Tamilnadu and expected to persist during next 2 days, and it has to persist even more.

Bay and Arabian sea surface temperature.
Sea surface temperature of S,S-W,S-E Arabian sea is around 30 C
Same as the case with S,S-W,S-E Bay.

Bay LOW pressure.
South Bay is expected to pop a LOW pressure system before end of April.
But latest models suggest NO Bay low till end of April.

Mascarene HIGH pressure system and Cross Equatorial Winds
Generator or Monsoon winds, the "Mascarene high pressure system" in far South Indian ocean.
At present the core pressure is around 1028mb (expected to be around 1034mb by mid May) and positioned slightly to the East.
The winds from the Mascarene high pressure system is expected to reach Equator by around end of 10-May. At present strong winds are just about starting from the system.

JAMSTEC (Japan) Long Range Forecast.
BAD News !!
Long range forecast model suggests below normal rains for most of India, except for South tip, Central and Eastern zones.

IMD monsoon forecast coming up on 25-Apr-2014

2:30pm, T showers seen over W-central Uttarpradesh, S-W Rajasthan, N,S-E Madhyapradesh, N,central,S-W Karnataka.. 
2:30pm, T showers also seen over N chatisgarh, S,W,N-E Odisha, N-E Andhra ...

#HOT at 3:15pm,
Hyderabad = 41 C
Jamshedpur = 40 C
Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Thiruchirapalli = 39 C
Kolkata, Patna = 38 C

Nagpur - 3:10pm, Temperature = 38 C.
Temperature reduced due to T showers in vicinity ... you can see that here ...

At 3:20pm...
#Bengaluru - 36 C  (feels like 36.3 C, Humid = 31%)
#Chennai - 35 C  (feels like 39.6 C, Humid = 47%)

#HOT 40s of 16-Apr...
Barmer = 43.6C
Allahabad = 41.5C
Gaya = 41C
Bankura = 42.1C
Rajkot= 40.3C
Akola, Hanamkonda= 42C
Rentachintala = 43.2C

W.D and widespread showers for N,N-W,central India !!

Today, a mid-level W.D circulation, trough seen over N,central Pakistan ... 
This mid-level W.D trough is expected to persist and drift East into N India during next 15hrs ... 

This upcoming W.D has already made the atmosphere more unstable over N,N-central India !
An W.D induced low-level circulation seen over central Pakistan ... this is bringing showers to N,N-E,E Rajasthan .. 
This low-level circulation is expected to drift into central,N-central Rajasthan in next 24hrs... more rain ahead for N-central India !

From today evening, showers for W,central,E Rajasthan into N Madhyapradesh, W Uttarpradesh ... 
Thru Friday and Saturday, scattered showers for most of Rajasthan, N Madhyapradesh, Haryana, #Delhi and into W,central Uttarpradesh !
More widespread showers for Kashmir, Himachal and Punjab on tonight, Friday and Saturday (19-Apr) ... 

This W.D system is expected to clear out from N,N-W, N-central India from late evening of Saturday !

12:30pm, Showers seen over Himachal, Uttarakhand, W Uttarpradesh, E Rajasthan ...