Saturday, October 13, 2012

RT @SaifArash: 10.15pm- Heavy Rain and Lightning ..... #Areekode #Malappuram #Kerala #Weather @weatherofindia 10:17pm

5:30pm, T.showers have spilled into S,S-W.Karnataka.. Heavy T.showers seen over S.tip of Tamilnadu & S.Kerala ..

5:30pm, a lonely T.shower seen over N.Andhra, and more rain over coastal Orissa ..
Monsoon withdraws from #Mumbai , cooler nights expected ...

Latest S-W monsoon withdrawal limit as on 12-Oct... >> expected to achieve it's target by 15-Oct.
@arvindjshah >> Showers for Kerala to continue till 16-Oct. N-E Monsoon will reach Tamilnadu coast by 18-Oct.
Vertical.V is going to be high along most of Tamilnadu and into Kerala on tomorrow as well, Heavy rain ahead..

N,N-E,E.Tamilnadu to get more heavy rains tomorrow due to high Vertical.V forecast for these zones.. 
NOGAPS still predict that N-E monsoon current will reach N.Tamilnadu coast by evening of 17-Oct .. 
3pm, Heavy showers seen over S,S-E,E.Tamilnadu, S.Andhra and along W.Ghats of Kerala ..

3pm, Showers also seen over N,N-E.Orissa ... 
Heavy & widespread rain is expected to continue over W.Ghats of Kerala & most of Tamilnadu till 16/17-Oct..

Last of showers along coastal Orissa to persist for another 24hrs.

COLA-GFS also predicts a 18-Oct onset date for N-E monsoon along Tamilnadu coast...

During the next 3 days, some showers may spill into S,S-W.Karnataka and into S.Andhra.
A weak W.D is expected to reach kashmir by Sunday ...

Due to this W.D, showers are expected over Kashmir, Himachal and even into Punjab from 13-Oct to 16/17-Oct.
Low level circulation over S.Tamilnadu has moved west into S-E.Arabian sea ..

Meanwhile, the expected anti-cyclone has formed over S.Bay and this'll drift West and vanish on 15/16-Oct..

By 16-Oct, the N-E monsoon current will reach S-E.Bay .. from then it'll travel towards Tamilnadu coast ..

On 17-Oct, S-E Bay will pop a circulation and which is expected to travel West towards Srilanka ...

Much needed Anti-cyclone at upper levels over Myanmar for N-E monsoon will form on 16-Oct ..

N-E monsoon current at upper levels will reach Tamilnadu coast by noon of 17-Oct !

RT @grajagrajagraja: @weatherofindia @onemangoadmi raining in perambur, Chennai 12:26pm

Chennai - 12:27pm, heavy rain over n,n-w,s of city. And Lots of showers seen along most n.Tamilnadu coast.

12pm. Chennai - lots of small showers seen along coast. And over s.andhra coast and south of Chennai

RT @OneMangoAdmi: cloudy and raining in Chennai :) @weatherofindia 11:58am

RT @senthilvijay: Dark clouds started covering the sky at #chennai #Tiruvottiyur @weatherofindia 11:37am

A high pressure is likely to form in the Bay by Saturday. This High is expected to last for 2 days till 15th October. The sea level pressure required during NEM is a large formation of low over the Bay.
But what we need for the NEM to advance is a prominent anti-cyclone at 500 hpa over the Central Myanmar region. This may start forming around the 16th of October. 

Till then, only the western side will get some precipitation, with west winds rushing towards the high. Thus keeping the SWM "alive" in Kerala and adjoining TN.

Negative Parameter: 200Hpa westerly jet streams are still not perfectly formed, and upper level high is weak.
Positive Parameters for the NEM may commence from 16th October.