Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Any literal meaning for Bandh??
(Bandh - stop people from working to win a deal)
We have started October with a Bang --- sorry, BANDH.
The ruling government is arranging a Bandh... good to hear...he he ehe.
Bandh is not Ahimsa... or Non-violence... but it's a form of VIOLENCE.

People should not accept any bandh in future of Indian Democracy.

2007 South west withdraw

Here is the 2007-Southwest Monsoon withdraw chart.

It's Bit slow in receeding.

In coming days there is a chance of depression on the bay of bengal.

Latest INSAT imagery

Distant electric storm - 29-Sep-2007

These pics were taken using a mobile (k700i) on 29-Sep-2007 around 6 PM.
Cloud formation at south-south-west of chennai.

4 day summary

Past 4 days i was not well and away from my office.
Well, what to say about weather. It was mild and cloudy with sunshine inbetween.
On saturday there was a HEAVY thundershower from south-south-west, unfortunately it did'nt reach the central part of chennai.
There were showers on the outskirts.
Sunday, again there was some electric shower formation, but that also failed to reach fully. Only ended up with some drizzles.
Monday, Small thundercloud formations during the evening around North-east and North.
This is weird, before the south-west monsoon has fully withdrawn.
According to the weather forecast by the Met department, the south-west monsoon has started withdrawing.
We can expect our North-east monsoon to set over chennai around 15th of october.
I'm excited.