Monday, August 22, 2011


India satelite map
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For next 2 days Monsoon rain will be of low intensity all over India... before a strong UAC expected over S.Madyapradesh on 25-Aug
RT @knowsnotmuch: @weatherofindia light rain at Besant Nagar for quite some time now. (4:44pm)
Chennai - a sharp shower is sweeping across OMR and ECR ... we need confirmation on that !
@aditya_ug >> Very less showers forecast for entire S-W peninsula (including Goa) for next 5 days !!
RT @aditya_ug: @weatherofindia Hasn't rained today in Goa. Sun is out. What's the situation for this week? Need to know urgently.
Today, lots of circulations seen.. N.Andhra, N-W Maharastra, E. Madhyapradesh, N.Bay ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.40am, After a wet weekend, Dark passing clouds with sunny intervals, no rain since morning.
Chennai - 1:36pm, Good sea breeze now from S-E... and we have T.cell near W-S-W of Mahabalipuram.
Chennai - a warm and humid day so far 1:34pm, Temp. max touched 34.0 C (12:41pm). Today also HEavy T.shower expected before 6pm