Friday, November 18, 2011

chennai - can expect DRY spell till evening of 22-Nov.. except for an ODD sharp shower tomorrow.
N-W Kashmir may get Snow / rain till 20-Nov.. due to the present weak W.D
From today rain will be over S, coastal Tamilnadu and fresh round of rain are expected to be back on 23-Nov..
S-E Bay will pop a UAC on 21/22 -Nov ... and it's expected to travel WEST and crash over S,S-E Srilanka..
Rain to stay over S extreme Tamilnadu till 22-Nov and beyond.. meanwhile very less chance of Rain over N,central Tamilnadu till 21-Nov
chennai - records 4cm till 8:30am of 18-Nov-2011
Easterly wave will continue over extreme south Peninsular India during next 2 days
RT @rajugana: Baroda 12.50pm, Clear skies, hot and humid in the afternoon, Nights are cold with morning dews around; temp 35C-19C range.