Monday, January 11, 2016

Wither Global Warming ?
2015 v/s 2014....Antarctic Sea Ice Extent
Hole Punched Clouds ..see

Today's #HOT places were again from W,SW Coast #India...
Surat 33.4 C
#Mumbai 33.7
#Goa 34.2
Karwar 35.2
Cannur 36.3 ...

#Chennai Today morning..
Airport again 19.6 C
Numgambakkam and IWM Polichalur 21 C.

In South India, today morning...
 Vijayapura(Karnataka), Adilabad(Telangana) and Arogyavaram (Andhra) records 11 C, the lowest in plains.

Today morning In North India, Ludhiana records a low temp of  3.3 C

During next 2 nights, COLD conditions expected for W,NW Karnataka and W Maharastra ...
Morning of 14-Jan "Bhogee Day" for #Chennai & Tamilnadu can witness +1 or +2 C above present temperature... especially over coast,central.

~~~ WD update for N,NW,N-central India ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Upper-level WD trough is nearing N,NW India. Expected to affect N,NW India in next 12hrs...
7:30pm, IR shows scattered rain over Afghanistan and getting cloudy over Kashmir, N,W Punjab ...
A low-level WD induced circulation will pop along N,NW Rajasthan and Pakistan border in next 12/15 hrs...

Before morning, 13-Jan...
Scattered Light / moderate rain for N,central,E Punjab, N Haryana into W Uttarpradesh.
Light Snow for #Kashmir !

Another WD will follow and reach N,NW India on Thursday night or Friday, 15-Jan.

January 11, 2016 at 12:05AM

Chennai, Vandalur Zoo at 4pm, 10-Jan. Can you spot an Elephant? Pleasant weather ! #weather

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