Saturday, October 30, 2010

RT @yeskarthik: A view of the sun setting from my balcony :) chennai @weatherofindia (5:42pm)
Chennai - 100% chance of more showers towards midnight and into early hrs of 31-Oct.
RT @vatsala: no rain for the past three hours in Thiruvanmiyur, just cloudy Now becoming dark again @weatherofindia
RT @shals88: My room is just so cold with just having the windows open like chennai rain
RT @uniqgiri: Finally rain stopped for a while in Chennai. Rain is nice but roads not so nice ):
Chennai - Showers will pick up strength towards late evening or around midnight
RT @a_for_shreya: @nivedita_shetty :)) Fyn dear :)) Non stop rain fr 3days n still.... Lovely climate ;)) (chennai)
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There may be a lull in showers along Andhra & Tamilnadu coast on 3,4-Nov-2010... while interior tamilnadu will receive afternoon T. showers
Till 2-Nov, Heavy showers to persist along Andhra coast while N. Tamilnadu coast will receive sharp showers...
Today, low level circulation is over Gulf of mannar, S and S-E Tamilnadu coast ...
RT @ndtvhindu: WEATHER UPDATE-Chennai: Few spells of rain expected over the next 24 hours.
Diwali cyclone may be called as Cyclone "JAL" ... predicted to track towards N. Tamilnadu coast ..
RT @meghadas: RT @Bani_J: Day #2 in Chennai. making it rain :)
Diwali cyclone for Tamilnadu coast .. all major international weather models suggest a N. Tamilnadu landfall ...
RT @ntshamz2010: @EndhirenV2dot0 raining in Bangalore. rain in Chennai too...
Chennai - Temperature now 11:28am is 24.3 C
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Chennai - Wind and cloud movement is from N-N-W.. this is not a typical N-E monsoon wind and cloud direction.
COLA-GFS suggests a Cyclone for Tamilnadu coast on Diwali day ... will it materialize & strike N.Tamilnadu ??...
RT @peejaey: My rusty geyser was switched on for first time this year! It's shivering cold in Chennai! rain
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RT @ratnakarsm: rain is back in full swing to chennai.... its really awesome
RT @madhankp: My mobile says it will rain till Monday n Tuesday its likely to be cloudy...
Chennai - Heavy drizzles continue now 11:18am
Chennai - Low clouds are moving from N-N-W this is due to the Low circulation over S-W Bay and over Srilanka
Chennai - Heavy widespread showers all thru night into morning and even continues now 11:14am
Last evening, the S-W Bay low was over Srilanka and adjoining Gulf of Mannar ..
RT @muralirbk: heavy rain freezes chennai.. i'm enjoying d climat frm bed nearer to window.... Wooow its very cool yar.!!!
9am, Sat shot shows heavy showers all along Andhra coast & N. Tamilnadu coast ...
RT @nisha_chari: its pouring down in chennai from last nite....!! had a gr8 drive tis mrng....always enjoyed driving in the rain!! :)
RT @vatsala: Started raining two minutes ago Thiruvannmiyur @weatherofindia chennai weather (5:37am)