Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Severe Heat wave in North Kokan today!

Record of consecutive 40c+ mark temp for straight 3 days in a row !!!

Some max temp from the region below dated (23-4-2014):

Badlapur temp 41.4°C with min humidity of 15%.
Thane Enviro temp 41.4°C with min humidity of 24%.
Thane IMD temp 42.1°C with min humidity of 19%.
Karjat estimated temp 43.3°C with min humidity of 13%
Bhira temp 43.0°C.
Palghar temp 39.3°C with min humidity of 21%.

Mumbai temp 37.9°C with min humidity of 29%.

RT @rshivaag: @weatherofindia drizzle at Tuticorin 9am  

RT @Asalraam:  moderate showers fr d 3rd consequtive day here at kanyakumari (3 p.m). Its turning out 2 b a mini monsoon here!! 
2:30pm, T showers again over S tip, South Tamilnadu ...

Malout - 3pm, "hot western winds, temperature = 37 / 38C, real feel 40C"

 #chennai #weather at 2:30pm. #photo taken facing east just opposite to #airport.

#HOT at 3:15pm,
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Nagpur = 41 C
Kolkata, Patna, Thiruchirapalli = 40 C
Bengaluru, Delhi, Varanasi = 37 C

Mumbai = 36 C