Saturday, September 27, 2014

A temporal change

The winds from UAC over southern tip leads to easterly and as the phenomenon was associated with UAC a temporary relief from rain occurred in west coast for a brief period.  As SWM becomes active and UAC deepens again rain bearing clouds engulfed western coast. However the upper winds are SEly

12:30pm, A weather photo from Karaikal, Tamilnadu ... "Thunder cells build up seen" ... 


One should NOT get confused with the prevailing EASTERLY now [270914/1047 hrs IST] .  The strengthening of SWM clouds in the Bay from SWly direction and the possible drift is due to upper winds . If this clouds move towards INDIAN EAST COAST, then there is a possibility of [heavy] rainfall in TN coast /AP coast coming perhaps from SEly direction 
 Similarly the drifting of clouds in Arabian sea to further west indicate clearing of  RAINFALL immediately  in the west coast.  

But the strengthening of SWM clouds from the winds from HIGH PRESSURE located about 2000 km SE of KANYAKUMARI  is drifted by upper level SEly winds.

The resultant wind some time may be in different direction [Northerly] 
Then rainfall course will be changing.{/?/?]

Weather Instagram at September 27, 2014 at 10:20AM

#chennai - 10:10am, scattered mini showers seen over city, suburbs. Drizzle now in Pammal zone. #weather

from Instagram

Today, the low-level circulation over S-tip Tamilnadu and W-S-W Bay near S-E,central-coast Tamilnadu persists ... 

This is the reason #Chennai is having a N-E monsoon style weather now !!
#Chennai - 10:20am, wind profile suggests Easterlies upto 4.8km above Sea... 
#Chennai - 10:20am, scattered mini sharp showers seen over N-E,S-E(over sea) and many popping over Suburbs... 
#Chennai - city, suburbs Expected to get sharp showers with an odd HEAVY T shower before 3pm today !
Some are already happening !