Friday, January 24, 2014

RT @sanjeevnaique: Its cloudy here in Margao in Goa at 2 pm @weatherofindia 

11am, Dense fog seen over Malout , S-W Punjab.

1:30pm, Foggy, cloudy conditions over most of N,N-central India... 
1:30pm, High cloud again from #Goa to Lucknow and Patna thru E,central Madhyapradesh, central,S-W,N Maharastra...

#Chennai - Today morning temperature, IWM station = 20.1 C, Nungambakkam = 20.9 C.
Now 2:30pm, temperature is 30.5 C.
For #Chennai zone, the Low temperature is expected to be around 20/21 while Day temp will stick around 30 C during next 5 days.

Today morning Amristar records 6 C.
Its a holiday weekend, and how is the weather going to be ?

The west coast trough which had moved inland in the last week will weaken, and the Northern WD system will move away.
No WDs, no troughs, so what do we expect ? And an anti cyclone (High Pressure) in the upper air at 850 hp level sitting over the Central region for 3/4 days. MSLP also around 1020 mb around the core over NW India/adjoining Pakistan, and at 1018/1016 in Central India.
Dry weather almost throughout the entire India/Pakistan and Nepal region next 4 days.

Next major system in the region will be F-1, expected to be effective in Pakistan and India and Western Nepal. F-1 expected around 2nd February in Pakistan.

The Northern Plains will see NW winds, and a marginal rise in day temperatures, prompted by clear sunny skies. Delhi NCR will see Republic Day as hazy sunshine (but cold morning) and temperature range rising to  22c and lows at around 10c.

The Central Region of India will get the normal Easterlies, keeping the interiors of Maharashtra pleasantly cool at around 28/29c.
Mumbai will start to warm up this weekend, with sunny skies to around 32/33c. Morning East winds will become NE by evening.The west coast cities heating up to some extent.
Pune will be sunny, around 28/29c and nights will be at 13/14c.

The NW winds become Northerly by the time they reach Bengal. Cool and nippy, Kolkata will be warmish around 27c and 13c this weekend.

The Northern plains of Pakistan will see NNW winds, keeping the region dry and pleasantly cool. While the Sindh region with NE winds will be dry and cool.Day temperatures in Islamabad should range between 21c and 6/7c.
Karachi will be between 25c and 14c.

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