Thursday, July 05, 2012


Very hot climate. Sunny and bright. 
4:30pm, Heavy rains seen over entire E.India, upto W.Uttarpradesh, Heavy rain seen over central,E.Madhyapradesh..

RT @Meethew: Rain in Mumbai
RT @saifarash: No rain, no clouds, no storms...and sunny day #Malappuram #Kerala #Weather 
RT @siddhray: @weatherofindia heavy rains at dombivali for 45min. Now done & overcast (2:47pm)

#chennai - 3:54pm, having good sea breeze from E-S-E at low levels and it's possible to extend upto a height of 0.3km. Cloud formations seen

Mumbai rained out .. PICS ... 
@akwaghmare >> Monsoon for central & West (rain shadow region of W.ghats) Maharastra LESS rain forecast till 10-Jul
#chennai - 2:20pm, signs of early SEA breeze now. No cloud formations yet.
High vertical velocity seen over S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu and over N.Andhra, S,S-E.Maharastra.. Heavy T.showers possible..

High vertical velocity seen along N.Tamilnadu, #chennai .. Heavy T.showers possible after 5pm .. 
#chennai - having a Clear & Hot day with winds from N-W and records 37.0°C at 1:40pm.

#Delhi records 40.0°C at 1:30pm
Widespread & Very heavy rain forecast for entire E.India from today till 11-Jul .. due to persistence of UAC ..

Monsoon may push into #Delhi on evening of 6-Jul .. and its stay is expected to last 2/3 days ...

Monsoon will cover Most of Uttarpradesh and will push into Uttarakand on 7-Jul... Heavy rains expected from 7-Jul..

Showers along S-W coast will be light for next 24hrs.. and it'll pick up from night og 6-Jul over  C,S.Maharastra coast. 
Offshore trough along S-W coast persists.. but has weakened slightly .. It'll deepen again from 7-Jul..

Today, a weak low level circulation can be seen along S,S-E Gujarat and weak Monsoon current is reaching S.Gujarat..

Monsoon current will pick strength from 6/7-Jul over N.Arabian sea and it'll reach Gujarat, Maharastra, Karnataka..

From 7-Jul, the Bay wing of Monsoon will also get vigorous .. this'll increase the rains along entire E.India..

Today, UAC seen along S-W Gujarat over Arabian sea and another over E.Uttarpradesh & W.Bihar..

Today's UAC along S,S-W.Gujarat coast will move N-N-E into Gujarat in another 24hrs & continue to move into W.Rajasthan.

While on 7/8-Jul, the UAC over Bihar will deepen and expected to move West.. 
Latest northern limit of Monsoon as of 8:30am, 5-Jul-2012... advanced into S,S-W. Gujarat ..

1pm, Showers seen along S.Gujarat, Heavy rain over Bihar, N.Jharkand, E,central Uttarpradesh and N,central.Bengal..

1pm, Almost NO rain over S-W coast from central Maharastra coast to S.tip of Peninsula ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 12.40pm, Dark clouds from SW..likely to pass and rain.. a pic

On 4-Jul, highest maximum temperature of 47.4°C was recorded at Sriganganagar (Rajasthan)

RT @nkumar_: So the rain Gods have reached to Lucknow, Faizabad etc as well. Only Delhi people are deep sinner then

RT @harshitajohari: finally its raining in lucknow.enjoyed dancing in rain with @sal2tweet nw in mood 2 hve sme coffe n maggi. (12:31pm)
RT @rajugana:  Baroda 8.50am, Typical Monsoon weather, fully overcast sky. Green, Wet & freshness in the air..a pic

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda - recorded max of 10 cms rain last night..

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia #delhi is less hot today, but humid. Records 33 (10.15 am)

RT @rainqcom: Rain washes away tracks, 40 trains cancelled