Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RT @ssrivatsan: @bharadc23 We already expected rain and started home early. Thanks to @weatherofindia. @SirajSoft
Chennai - Steady sharp showers continue in Pallavaram zone .. 7:54pm
RT @vinothus: its again rainin here n chennai today...but tis time its still not stopped for 2 hrs....
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia Rainin heavily in chetpet (7:43pm)
RT @rahulponodath: @weatherofindia ambattur industrial estate.. Raining - Chennai (7:29pm)
Chennai - Heavy rain started in Pallavaram zone .. 7:25pm
RT @jaganns: hey its raining in chennai (7:28pm)
RT @rahulponodath: Rain in Chennai!! Phenomenal.. :-P (7:22pm)
Chennai - a strong shower will sweep from west, W-N-W suburbs and will travel East across the city in next 15 to 30 min .. now 7:22pm
Chennai - Showers now 6:59pm over Poonamalle zone and moving fast... this'll affect the Western suburbs in another 15 min
Chennai - Cloud formation not well organized like yesterday! .. but W-S-W is still active with cloud formation and Sea breeze continue !
RT @itssudhi: RT @KeralaTourism: Healing rain is a real touch from God. That is what the Monsoons in Kerala !
Chennai - Good Thunder cells visible all over S-S-W, S-W and West of Chennai .. around 50km from center.
Monsoon trough drops south ..
Chennai - Watch out for Sharp shower over S,S-W and S-E suburbs like yesterday after 5:30pm.. before 8pm.
Chennai - Already good cloud formations and showers seen over W-S-W at around 60 km from center,
Chennai - Have good sea breeze and perfect conditions for another sharp shower today after 5:30pm,
But IMD model suggests Heavy showers to start for Karnataka coast from 30-Jul and not for Maharastra coast ..
COLA model suggests Showers along Maharastra coast including Mumbai will increase from tomorrow..
Vertical velocity is high along Andhra coast and N. Tamilnadu coast, and it'll be till 1-Aug.. Heavy showers forecast including Chennai
Vertical velocity along Karnataka, Maharastra and S.Gujarat Coast are on higher side.. heavy showers possible..
Today, a circulation is seen over N-W Maharastra ..
RT @shankness: Mist and rain. On way mumbai from shirdi.
2pm, Heavy showers all along Foot hills of Himalayas, Nepal and along Uttarpradesh-Nepal border ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.55am, Dark passing clouds but no rain..a pic
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.55am, Dark passing clouds but no rain..a pic