Friday, December 02, 2011

chennai - Dry and mild temperatures to continue till 7/8-Dec
chennai - Temp. now 8:04pm is 26.4 C and going down.. May touch a low around 20 deg C at early morning.
IMD GFS model expects Rain for Tamilnadu coast from 8/9-Dec... till then it's going to be DRY and COLD. chennai
T.showers for S. Tamilnadu to continue till 6-Dec... and NO rain in sight for entire Tamilnadu till 8/9-Dec..
Next W.D will start affecting Kashmir from 6-Dec.
Previously models predicted a UAC to form over S. Bay .. now it seems a UAC will pop over S-E central Bay and die there in next 2/3 days.
Today, A strong anti-cyclone persists over N-W Gujarat and the last of Cyclone "05A" can be seen ..
On 1-Dec, highest maximum temperature of 35.3 C was recorded at Rajkot (Gujarat)