Saturday, January 16, 2010

RT @abc7: Strong aftershock strikes Haiti's capital, hampers rescue efforts
From evening of 19-Jan.. Whole of India is going to have CLEAR skies and minimum temperatures will be below normal.
Western Disturbance:: Isolated rain/snow would occur over western Himalayan region ..
Chennai - Temperature now 10:17pm is 25.4°C and going down.. will reach 22 deg at around 6 am.
lowest minimum temperature of 0.8°C over recorded at Amritsar (Punjab)
Minimum temperatures are below normal by 3-5°C over many parts of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and isolated pockets of East Rajasthan and Haryana.
Rainfall on 15-Jan-10:: Chintalapudi (West Godavari dt) and Kaikalur (Krishana dt) 5 CM each
Chennai - Traffic arrangements for "Kaanum Pongal" ..
Chennai - is going to have a good, dry & clear "Kaanum Pongal" day. very less low cloud formation & mild wind from North-east will be there.

7.0 Quake Near Port Au Prince, Haiti

At 4:53 p.m. local time on January 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Hispaniola Island, just 15 kilometers (10 miles) southwest of the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. Besides its strong magnitude, the earthquake’s shallow depth of roughly 8.3 kilometers (5.2 miles) ensured that the densely populated capital suffered violent shaking.
This map shows the topography and tectonic influences in the region of the earthquake. Ocean areas appear in shades of blue, and land areas appear in shades of brown. Lighter colors indicate higher elevation on land and shallower depth in the water. Black circles mark earthquake locations determined by the USGS, and circle sizes correspond with quake magnitudes. Dozens of aftershocks followed the main quake. Red lines indicate fault lines.
The USGS reported that the earthquakes occurred along the boundary between the Caribbean and North America plates. The two tectonic plates meet at a strike-slip fault, with the Caribbean plate moving eastward with respect to the North America plate. The January 12 earthquake was the worst to strike the region in decades, and possibly well over a century.
According to news reports, schools, hospitals, government buildings, aid centers, and homes collapsed. Authorities reported that thousands were feared dead. Survivors scrambled to rescue trapped friends and family members without the benefits of electricity or phone service while more than 30 aftershocks rocked the area.
Eclipse was observed on the southern tip of India by Jay Pasachoff, the Williams astronomer and eclipse expert ..
Maximum temperatures are below normal by 8-10°C over most parts of east Uttar Pradesh.
Rainfall on 14-Jan:: Koyyalagudem (West Godavari), Yerragondapalam (Prakasam dt) and Jamakhandi (Bagalkote dt) 6 CM each.
The Whole of India is going to have CLEAR skies & COLD weather from 20-Jan-10 ..
Chennai - Getting cold again after a week of Warm mornings.. today it was 23.3°C (7:05am)
A clear looking India with some odd high & medium cloud cover ..