Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Today, low-level circulation seen over West Bay near Andhra coast. It is seen as a East-West elongated circulation extending to East Bay.
This low-level circulation is expected to persist along S-coast Andhra during next 40hrs.

Upper-level East-West wind shear line is passing thru N-central Kerala to N-central Tamilnadu to zones South of Chennai and upto N Andamans.
This East-West wind shear line is also expected to persist for next 42hrs. 

Mid-level Anti-cyclone seen over West India signalling that end of #monsoon is 
very near for N,central,W,NW India.

At mid-levels also there's an East-west wind shear line passing thru #Chennai latitude upto East Bay.
This is creating heavy #monsoon rains over most of Andaman Islands. 

1:30pm, Satellite IR suggests heavy clouding rainfall in that zone.

A low,mid-level circulation is expected over E,NE Bay in next 36hrs and expected to push to N Bay on 29th.

Next 24hrs, Heavy scattered T showers for N Kerala, S,central,SW Karnataka into N,NW,N-central,central-coast Tamilnadu
today as well, T showers will line up along S,SW bengal, Odisha coast,N,NE Andhra .

#Chennai - 3pm, cloud cover has almost cleared out. Now a sea breeze front is pushing in. T showers will pop or push in from N,NNW towards late-evening, midnight.
#Bengaluru is also expected to get more T showers on today and during next 2 days.